on 2/23/14 4:11 am
VSG on 10/30/13

I'm at the halfway point of my weight loss journey at 4 months out! I banged out 2 miles on the elliptical this morning in an hour and that just wasn't even possible a month ago. I'm ready to start weight training and I'm going to consider the Couch to 5k !!

I LOVE my sleeve 

I still don't know how to upload pics, but, hover over my name and you can see the two I took this morning 






on 2/23/14 4:19 am - Harrisburg, PA
VSG on 03/07/14 with

WOW!  Congratulations!!!!  I found another inspiration!!!  

     42 y/o, 5'7", HW 289, Start Weight 280. SW 264 on 3/7/14. Diagnosed w/IDC 5/16/14.



on 2/23/14 4:50 am

Congrats! Wow, halfway at 4 months... you're gonna be one of the ones who hits goal at 8 months, aren't you?

And then, as they say, that's where it gets really tough... still, you are in an enviable position. Truly.

on 2/23/14 8:44 am

You look amazing!! Congratulations...and you should definitely go for the Couch to 5K!




on 2/23/14 9:01 am - Moorhead, MN
VSG on 10/16/13

Congrats!! I started the C25K a couple years ago while I thought I'd pass out and die for the first couple weeks it is a very effective program. Go for it. Once I drop a bit more weight I want to start it so I can complete a 5K running the whole time instead of walking, which is my norm. :)

on 2/24/14 12:11 am - ddo, Canada
VSG on 11/18/13

wow congrats , I have 5 lbs to go to be at my halfway and I can't wait!!!! 



on 2/24/14 12:16 am - Denver, CO
VSG on 12/18/13

Congrats! That is great! I am just a few pounds away from halfway as well! Keep up the amazing work.

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