3 week stall... help!

B. Smith
on 2/24/14 2:48 am
VSG on 12/04/13

Need some encouraging words to get me back to loosing weight again.  I'm in my last week of my 3rd month and I've only lost 3 lbs this month.  I've had 4 beers this month as I love the social thing with friends - is this my hang up?  I eat 3 high protein meals a day, carbs range around 40g, protein shake and cheese for snack, work out 3-4 days a week.  I've tried searching on this but usually get RYN people and I would love to hear from my fellow VSG'ers!

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Jackie T.
on 2/24/14 3:01 am - KS
VSG on 12/19/12 with

Stalls are going to happen.  Are you actually recording everything that goes into your mouth or are you guessing?  Are you drinking all your water especially on days you are drinking alcohol?  I understand the social thing but it could be the alcohol but I would be looking at what you are doing all of the other days of the month.  It is going to slow down, you are going to be up and down.  How much protein are you actually getting each day?  If you are getting less than 80 grams you might need to revisit your diet.  Lack of protein and lack of water (non caloric drinks) play a big role in your weight loss. 

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B. Smith
on 2/24/14 3:29 am
VSG on 12/04/13

Thanks Jackie for the reassurance.  I've been doing the mental count of calories/protein and now back to my fitness pal.  Need to be consistent!

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on 2/24/14 3:12 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

Just curious, I love beer but wouldnt that be a carbonated drink?   I was told no carbonation.   I will be 6 months out Wednesday and this weekend is the first time I had any alcohol to drink.  I had a very small glass of wine. 

As far as stalls, they happen.  Just make sure you are logging all of your food and drinks.  Not sure what your calorie intake is but I shoot for 600 to 800; 30 or less on carbs and at least 80 on protein.  Also I try to get in 100 ounces of water each day.

Best of luck! 


Toni Dallison

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B. Smith
on 2/24/14 3:24 am
VSG on 12/04/13

Thanks Toni.  I was told no alcohol for a year, due to the addiction piece of it and also the effects on the liver.  Don't remember if they said no carbonation, but I will ask.  Need to increase my water again to 100 as I'm at 64 a day.


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on 2/24/14 3:27 am - VA

You're at exactly the point I "appeared" to stall.   During that time I went four weeks with zero (zip, nada, zilch) change on the scale.  However, since my scale tracks body fat %, I later looked backed and discovered I lost 5% BF during those four weeks.  That was something I didn't notice at the time.  So, based on my experience, and a lot of similar forum posts, your stall is perfectly natural.

However, ANY alchol at this point is working your process in the other direction and wasting your time.  As much as you might like the social thing, it's time to make a decision about what you really want out of the sleeve.  If you want to go for it all, it's time to stand up for yourself and choose water until you reach maintenance.  Sure it sucks, but it's one the sacrifices needed to maximize your honeymoon period.  Otherwise, meander all you want and get there whenever (or not).

This process boils down to two questions: "What do you want" and "what are you willing to do for it".  Keep the protein meals, kick the carbs to the curb, loose the shakes in favor of real food, keep calories in 600-800 range, and exercise as much as you can manage (and then some more).  Do that for 6-12 months and you'll have a normal BMI and the body you wanted.  After that, set yourself up in maintenance and enjoy the occasional brew.


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B. Smith
on 2/24/14 3:34 am
VSG on 12/04/13

Love the honesty!!!! Thanks for the reminder and the kick in the pants!    I have such ****tail loving friends and I have such a hard time drinking water on a Friday night after a long week.... BUT, short term pain, for long term gain!  Focus Focker!!!  Thanks again!

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on 2/24/14 5:24 am

I'm glad you appreciate G5x5's advice because it's spot on.  The beer drinking at 3 months out is not good but you recongize that.  It will truly hinder your weight loss and the problem with starting that up as you said you were told by your doc, is the possible transfer addiction.  I've seen it happen, it's very real. 

You are at the highest peak in your weight loss journey.  Maximize your success now because it won't be easier than this time ever. 

You have the right mindset ... go for the goal! 




on 2/24/14 4:21 am - Roanoke, VA
VSG on 11/29/13

4 beers in a month shouldn't keep you from losing any weight. I'm sure it has contributed to your stall, but not that significantly. 

My concerns are these:

If it's ok to break your surgeon's/dietician's/other practitioner's rules (in a bad way) regarding alcohol, what else are you doing that you shouldn't or not doing that you should? I have gone out with my friends socially. They all drink, I drink water. I am not trying to be rude or hard on you, but using the social card is just an excuse. You can be social without the beer. I enjoy eating and drinking with my friends, but I know that those things are not the best for my progress. My friends know and understand this, too, and they are incredibly supportive. They also like having a built in DD. Also, carbonation is a no-no. Even the most lenient surgeons require no carbonation for the first several months. I'm sure you know what you're doing, just be careful.


Mary Gee
on 2/24/14 6:26 am - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

"No alcohol for a year" = No alcohol for a year.  PERIOD.  

If you want to be successful, you should follow your doctor's advice.  I'm sure he/she didn't say no alcohol because they are anti-alcohol; there's a medical reason for it. 

You know, when alcoholics stop drinking alcohol, they order something else.  Your social life doesn't have to begin or end based on what's in your glass.  

I'm not perfect; no one is.  But I will do my best to follow my doctors' instructions.  I'm sure if you speak to your doctor and/or nutritionist, they'll be able to explain the alcohol restriction.

Hope your weight loss improves.  Are you tracking your protein and water intake, along with carbs and calories?  I find tracking really helpful.


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