Turkey Neck Suggestions

on 3/9/14 9:06 am
VSG on 10/30/13

Any helpful hints to reduce the turkey neck I've traded my triple chin in for? I went to Sephora today and there was a cream that was $128 that was supposed to reduce the turkey neck, but I couldn't tell the difference. Plastics aren't an option..so ladies...what have you done to camouflage, minimize, exercise the lose neck skin?






on 3/9/14 9:22 am - VA

I grew a beard, but I'm thinking that might present you with other problems LOL

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on 3/9/14 9:28 am - TN
VSG on 01/14/14

I'm not sure you can actually do anything to really reduce it.  I would probably work to detract from it w/ hot makeup, hot hair, beautiful jewelry, and pretty scarves.  I can already tell I'll have a certain amount of this, too.  My neck has gone from being full to looking "crepey" (like crepe paper).  My hands, too.  Not really saggy but different.  Hard to explain.  Anyway, I look so much better, already, that I'm having a hard time giving a crap about it.  But I do often think of Nora Ephron's book, "I Feel Bad About My Neck"...if you haven't read it you should.  It's absolutely hilarious.


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on 3/9/14 10:19 am

I absolutely love Palmers Firming Butter- It has not "cured" my turkey neck but I use it everyday after my shower and I am convinced it has helped tighten it up- about five bucks in Walgreen's for a big pump bottle.

Tracy D.
on 3/9/14 10:53 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

Don't waste your money on expensive creams - they won't "tighten" up excess skin.  When we are heavy we stretch out our skin but our bodies also grow MORE skin to cover up the excess fat...even in our necks.  Once the fat goes away the skin has nowhere to go; it doesn't evaporate unfortunately.  Hence, the turkey wattle :-(  

My dermotologist, who has nothing to gain from this advice, said that I could spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on creams, lasers or ultrasound therapy but the only thing that truly fixes the turkey neck is a neck lift.  And those go for around $3500-$4000 in my area.  

I do think that a good face cream helps with the crepey look the neck can get.  But true turkey neck (like I have) is going to either need radical acceptance...or a neck lift.  

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on 3/9/14 2:45 pm
VSG on 07/10/13

This is a problem for me also, and I knew it would be.  I was one of those fat girls with the great big chins.  I used to admire those fat girls with small faces and chins, I'd almost go up to them and shake them and say "do you know how lucky you are to have such a tiny face and chin" but I restrained myself many times.  


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on 3/9/14 11:10 pm

I ALWAYS envied people with thin faces and necks!!!  I knew I would have a waddle too!!

on 3/9/14 2:55 pm
VSG on 10/30/13

Thanks for all the replies! I bought some contouring makeup and am going to play with it a bit. The lady at Sephora said to make an M shape under your chin..The straight lines should be in keeping with the corners of your mouth and the V in the M should be right under your chin with the downward point ending about mid-neck. 

If it looks like a viable option, I'll post before and after pics of the contouring. If not, well, I guess I'll use it for faux cheekbones LOL






on 3/10/14 3:36 am
VSG on 04/10/13

Dr. Oz recently featured an episode on this particular topic.  One exercise, which I've been doing at my desk a few times daily, is to point your chin toward the ceiling and move your jaw forward and upward (not easy).  Repeat this move 10-15 times, three times a day.  Well....other than someone walking in your cube asking, "What are you doing."  Then laugh uncontrollably when you say, "Neck crunches," it appears to be helping somewhat...maybe.  My neck was sore for a few days but who knows......gotta love those neck crunches....now if I can just figure out "neck lunges" 

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on 3/10/14 3:45 am

I will admit I do buy creams for my face for wrinkles.But they do work while you are using them,If you have long hair they have a tape that you can use. I wear infinity scarves.But I figure I would rather have chicken neck than fat there.

Don't spend your money on creams for you neck.If it was like 20 bucks but 128 is way too much if it didn't work.

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