It seems like forever....but I have finally been APPROVED!!

on 3/19/14 5:42 am - Lincoln, NE

Hey's been a while since I've been on the boards!  Been working the 6 month pre-op diet and got a new position at work that has kept me way busy!  I finished the 6 month pre op diet in February and finally got word I have been approved!!!  

I meet with the surgeon 4/1 at which time I should get my surgery date.  Am hoping I can start the liquid diet right away after the appt so that I can have surgery ASAP.  I honestly thought this day would never get here.

I am working on getting active again on the boards and nesting for my new sleeve.  So exited to get this party started!!


Approved!   Meet with surgeon 4/1 to get my surgery date! 


on 3/19/14 9:05 am

Congratulations :)))! Hope to be in the same boat here soon!!!

Kelly Jean
on 3/19/14 10:13 am
VSG on 04/08/14

Congratulations .....its looking like my surgery will be april 1 !,!!     


on 3/19/14 11:56 pm - Atlanta, GA
VSG on 04/03/13



 Surgery date - 04/03/13; Goal date - 11/10/13 (I reached goal in 31 weeks & 4 days)

Highest weight 261  SW 258  GW 150   M1 -26  M2 -14  M3 -10  M4 -12  M5 -13  M6 -12  M7 -11  M8 -10  In maintenance since November 2013  HT- 5'6"  

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