A sort of scary NSV

VSG on 06/12/13

Greetings from London, where my jet lagged family and I are adjusting to the time change and looking forward to being touristy tomorrow.

i had a funny/scary NSV last night as I went through airport security. The TSA agent looked at my year old passport and announced, "this doesn't look like you".

my heart went to my shoes.

the photo was taken at the height of my insurance battle, that awful, cant't-lose-a-pound/have to gain time from a year ago. I look positively bloated. She was right, it doesn't look like me.

my mind raced: how to manage this? I had visions of acation plans sliding down the tubes, family waiting behind me...then I realized she was complimenting me. I proudly told her that photo was 99.4 lbs ago. She asked how I had done it and I told her WLS. She congratulated me and sent me on my way.

i think my heart started beating normally again about 3 minutes later.

i welcomed myself to London today with some amazing Turkish chicken kebab and hummus for lunch. 

I'm so far below my calories today...we are staying in an apartment so I took advantage of having the kitchen and made myself a boiled egg and sausage.

i fully plan on hitting goal on this trip. It dawned on me this is a pretty good way to celebrate.




Sleeved 6/12/13 - 100 pounds lost to get to goal!

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VSG on 10/30/13

London sounds amazing and what a great NSV! Enjoy 







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on 3/31/14 10:48 am

That's amazing, funny, but fantastic NSV congrats!!!