VSG Scheduled April 28!

on 4/14/14 4:37 am

Hi Everyone,


Well its here! Day one of my pre op 14 day liquid diet! Yikes!!! Im scheduled for VSG on 4/28. I've been running the gamut of emotions over this weekend and this morning. From being P.O.'ed to grateful for the opportunity to make this change. One day at a time right?!!!

on 4/14/14 5:37 am - Canada

Hang in there you can do it  I am on day eight of mine  soon we will be on the other side it will be great

on 4/14/14 5:44 am

Thank so much! So far, its like murder lol lol. Im sure this is just day 1 feelings. I wish yo all the best and look forward to seeing you on the other side!

on 4/14/14 2:01 pm
VSG on 04/09/14

Perfectly normal feelings;)  Congratulations......keep us posted!

on 4/15/14 1:22 pm

Thanks so much! Day 2 down!   I think I may be a bit confused. I felt like I need to keep the liquid diet low carb from all I have seen here but my Dr's instructions allow low fat cream soups…. So Im note sure if Im supposed to be concerned with carbs at this stage. I better call/email the nutritionist...

on 4/15/14 4:05 am

My surgery date is 5/2 and I'm getting anxious! So many unknowns! Who is doing your procedure? 

on 4/15/14 1:20 pm

Im going to Rush Hospital in Chicago. How about you?

on 4/17/14 2:06 pm

I have the same date as you! I start my diet on Sunday! I have the mixed emotions am I doing the right thing, right decision, will I be able to do this. Will I fail. So scared and nervous but yet excited and want it now.

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