Who else is scheduled for May 8 or about that date?

on 4/22/14 12:15 pm

I had more prep blood testing today along with going over what I can eat for the next two weeks. I did get them to ok adding in some food besides the protein shakes. Thank goodness. I was already getting anxious just thinking about all those protein shakes. But I'm feeling a bit better now. Would love to have a partner for this. Is anyone having their procedures about this time?

on 4/22/14 1:18 pm - GA
VSG on 05/01/14

I'm having mine May 1st. I start my liquid diet on Thursday. 

on 4/22/14 3:31 pm
VSG on 05/06/14

Hi, I'm scheduled for Tuesday, May 6th. My surgeon only requires a 3 day pre-op diet, which I'm so grateful for!!  

I see my surgeon one more time next Monday, then go straight to my 2 hour nutrition class and then for pre-op testing. They do labs, EKG, and a chest X-ray. 

I believe I will stAy over 2 nights in the hospital. I would love to stay in touch and check in. I am A mix of positively terrified, excited and hopeful all at once. Strange mix!! 😉

best wishes to you, I look forward to following you!!


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on 4/22/14 8:37 pm

I am scheduled for May 29th. I haven't learned of the pro op diet yet

on 4/22/14 10:09 pm
VSG on 05/06/14

May 6th. I started liquid diet on 4/15. It is a long three weeks. 


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on 4/22/14 11:26 pm

I'm scheduled for May 12th. Will be starting a 2 week pre-op diet on Monday 4/28. 

on 4/22/14 11:54 pm

i am scheduled for Monday May 5th! Yay Cinco de Mayo! lol. i am on my 2 week loquid diet now :) my 3rd day its been tough.

on 4/23/14 12:28 am - Belleville, MI

Hi there!  I am scheduled for surgery (revision from band) on May 2.  I started a ten day 1200 calorie diet yesterday.  Three days pre-op I start clear liquid diet:(  I'd love to stay in touch!




on 4/23/14 2:18 am

I am scheduled for May 14 and today is day one of my three week pre op diet.

Tina M.
on 4/23/14 2:43 am - NJ
VSG on 04/30/14

I'm scheduled for April 30th. On Day 7 of my pre-op diet. Best of luck to you!

My new life began on April 30th, 2014!  


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