Girdle Or No Girdle?

on 4/30/14 1:56 am - NJ

Hi everyone! I was sleeved on Thursday 4/24 and a friend recommended I wear a girdle! She said it will help my stomach heal better & will help my shape! Anyone else try this? I tried wearing one this morning but I was scared to keep something so tight over my main incision. What do you say?

on 4/30/14 1:57 am - Nashville, TN
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I say you should ask your surgeon....




on 4/30/14 2:00 am - NJ

I'll see him Mon & will ask him then. Thanks! 

on 4/30/14 2:08 am
VSG on 01/27/14

All I know is that after I had surgery, I didn't want ANYTHING touching my belly. I wore some velour leopard print PJ bottoms, no bra, and a t-shirt. Because that's how I roll.

But yeah, ask your surgeon what he recommends.


on 4/30/14 2:23 am - NJ

That's the way I been rolling too! lol. Thanks!

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on 4/30/14 3:03 am - Canada

4 months later I'm still rolling that way lol.  Though my husband thinks I could probably change in the 2X flannel pj's for something in my size (medium).  Isn't that why they put drawstrings in them?

on 4/30/14 3:36 am - NJ

That's exactly why! Lol

on 4/30/14 4:56 am
VSG on 01/27/14

Ha, I'm the same way! People are getting on my butt at work because my scrubs are hanging off me. So I just look at them and tighten the drawstring LOL.


on 4/30/14 8:47 am - NJ

They just don't understand : )

on 4/30/14 2:12 am
VSG on 03/11/14

I wouldn't go anywhere near a girdle!  Not now and not ever!  The last thing you want to be in is something constricting.  You'll have enough problems without it!  Your friend doesn't have a clue what she's talking about!

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