Marathon today

Mike B.
on 5/3/14 8:34 pm
I am off to run my first full marathon today. The OC Marathon starts at 5:30am and I hope to finish in under 4 hours. I was at the expo yesterday to pick up my race bib and I signed up for two more marathons (Long Beach and Surf City). I think I have done lost my mind. Well off I go!!!

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on 5/3/14 8:51 pm
VSG on 07/09/13

Go Mike!


Learn from your family history and rewrite yours!

on 5/3/14 8:56 pm

GO MIKE !!!!!


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on 5/3/14 9:14 pm
VSG on 07/22/13
Awesome! I am impressed!


on 5/3/14 9:59 pm

Run BostonStrong! Have a great race and let us know how you did!


on 5/3/14 10:07 pm - TN
VSG on 01/14/14

Good luck!  Eager to hear your results!


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on 5/3/14 10:50 pm

Wow -- good luck!  Have fun!


I lost my mind and registered for the Chicago Marathon (eek!)  

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Mike B.
on 5/4/14 2:25 pm
Way to go. You will need to keep us all posted on how it went. We will all be cheering for you👍👏

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