Experience with c-diff?

on 5/22/14 10:10 pm
VSG on 05/17/14

I finished my Flagyl on Tuesday and I think the c-diff is coming back.  I have all the same symptoms.  I am calling my doctor as soon as they open to get another test.  I'm not messing around this time!  

Anyone have to have more than one round of antibiotics for c-diff?

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My husband got c-diff and had 3 bouts of it.  I ordered bleach wipes (real bleach) on Amazon and rubber gloves and wiped down everything constantly, especially in the bathroom and also you should make sure you close the toilet cover every time you flush.  Also he drank alot of Good Belly from Whole Foods and florastor.  Good luck. 

Also, dr's gave him antibiotics each time....vancomycin.  

Colleen O.
on 5/22/14 10:24 pm
VSG on 04/09/14

I have never experienced c-diff, thank god, but my father contracted it after having his hip replaced.  He almost lost his life at one point.  Yes, it took more than one round of antibiotics for him to start to feel better.  And he still experiences some issues from the infection on occasion but he's much much better now.  You are doing the right thing by not messing around and waiting to call the doctor.  Hang in there - sending positive thoughts your way!


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Connie S.
on 5/22/14 11:29 pm - CA
VSG on 03/04/13

C diff can be a real problem to get rid of.  One option that seems to work well is fecal microbial transplant (FMT).  It involves taking stool from a healthy screened donor, blending it with saline into a liquid and then 'transplanting' it into the GI tract of the infected person.  There is also a company at MIT called Open Biome that sells frozen, premixed specimens for transplantation.  It is a very low tech but effective treatment, especially for people with recurrent c diff.  It can be hard to find a doctor that is doing it, but if you live near a research hospital or other large medical center, it is worth looking into.  Results are quick!  We have used the technique on several people with excellent results, some with their own do ord and some with Open Biome.  Open Biome is especially attractive because the specimen is only $250, which is way less than the cost of lab tests to screen a donor. The fans plant can be done either into the colon via colonoscopy, or into the small intestine via upper endoscopy. We had one patient who did it herself at home with enemas, but I would not recommend that. Also, last year the FDA classified FMT as an experimental drug because the pharmaceutical folks see it as a threat to thrift business.  Good luck.  

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on 5/23/14 1:15 am

My sister had it when she was getting chemo last year.  She probably  got it while in the hospital.  Because her immune system was so compromised  she was in the hospital on IV Flagil for 2 weeks. It took quite awhile for her to fully recover, but she only needed the one round of antibiotics.  I think she might have some residual issues with bowel leakage, but it is hard to tell if it is that or side effects of internal radiation.  Yes it is highly contagious and she was in private room and we had to gown up and glove up each day we walked in and out.  Lots of hand washing.  Once home, everything she ate out of was kept separate and bathroom was bleached down each day.  I have heard of people needing more than one dose.  I would get retested just to make sure.  Hope you are feeling better real soon.


on 5/23/14 2:05 am
VSG on 05/17/14

I have a call in to the doctor for 1) a retest and 2) to see if I can get the Flagyl started while waiting for results.  I don't want to deal with this through the whole weekend.

on 5/23/14 4:06 am
VSG on 01/27/14

A lot of people require several rounds of antibiotic therapy.  If flagyl doesn't seem to be working,  some doctors may switch to oral vancomycin. C-diff is a ***** to get rid of unfortunately!  Good luck and stay hydrated! 


on 5/23/14 2:58 pm - Davison, MI

My husband had it after knee replacement and needed two treatments.

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Friends K.
on 5/24/14 12:38 pm
RNY on 01/14/14

My friend needed like 10 rounds!


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