Ice cream and back on the wagon.

on 6/5/14 6:19 am
Headed down the road to a 2 year anniversary in November. Did great the first year, got comfy since the kids started school and realized 'What the hell was I thinking' about a month ago. So I have revamped, kept up with my food journal, walking/jogging/running as much as my still big boobs will let me and craved ice cream like mad every bit of the way. 10 lbs down and I like chocolate jello frozen. 60 calories, and 8 c and I am okay and set for summer. Bring it!
on 6/5/14 8:50 am - Broussard, LA
Revision on 12/30/15
I have a hard time passing up ice cream even though I am lactose intolerant. I have started putting my sf/ff pudding into popsicle molds so I can have something close to ice cream. Keep up the good work.

You survived what you thought would kill you. Now straighten your crown and go forward like the Queen you are!

on 6/7/14 2:58 am

I have a huge addiction to ice cream, and it is the one single food that accounted for the majority of my weight gain.  I have found a guilt free solution that works great for me.  1 cup greek yogurt, fat free/sugar free, a little almond milk (about 1/4 cup),  frozen strawberries, and splenda to taste. Toss it in the Vitamix and 1 minute or so later a wonderful strawberry ice cream that has no crap of any kind in it aside from the splenda.  Protein to calorie ratio is acceptable to, and it helps me with my calcium needs. So, no buying ice cream at the store anymore.   :)

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