3 years out - my birth and rebirth day!

on 6/10/14 3:37 am - Granada Hills, CA

I had surgery on my 28th birthday. It was an amazing gift to myself.

I was at my highest of 420 lbs 4 years - topping the scales at 420 lbs. I committed myself to losing as much weight as i could pre-op mainly because I was worried about the statistics of complications for patients above a BMI of 50. On the day of surgery, my BMI was 49 which was what I had aimed for. I lost 85 lbs that year with a normal stomach, so I was pretty confident Id be able to lose the rest of the weight with the VSG.

Over the last 3-4 years, I have went through some of the highest highs in my life and also the lowest lows ive ever experienced. During my first 18 months, I accomplished so many of my goals - running, cycling, a triathlon. I had become the athlete that I wanted to be. I met amazing friends, lost a few a long the way, and generally just enjoyed the hell out of life.

But unfortunately, I ended up with severe back problems that led me to the worst depression id ever experienced and life wasnt all that great. I ended up gaining about 50 lbs over 11 months or so as I battled my eating disorder. As soon as I hit that point, I went into freak out mode and started to lose weight. Ive lost more than half of that regain at this point just by dealing with my depression and some other issues that I had involving trauma throughout my life.

I had back surgery 5 weeks ago or so, my depression has been replaced with a new found love for myself and an ability to find peace and joy in life. This will be an important anniversary for me because I have a new starting place for the rest of my life, so I decided to celebrate :)

I met a friend on here years ago - Mike Lynn Jr - who is an excellent photographer, so I had some pictures done to celebrate my weight loss, and my new outlook on life, and I absolutely love them beyond words. For the first time in my life, im wearing a bikini, im being photographed in said bikini, and I'm loving the pictures. I could stare at myself all day :)

Here are some before/after pictures - hopefully to inspire people and bring hope that the bad times are temporary, no matter how bad it gets. If you would have asked me a year ago if Id ever be happy, i would have told you it was impossible, but here I am.








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on 6/10/14 3:42 am

What a wonderful and inspiring story.  Thank you for sharing!  Congratulations on finding your happy, healthy self! 



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on 6/10/14 3:51 am

My beautiful friend!!  I LOVE YOU!!

You inspired me to love myself at any weight.  Happiness starts from within.  We are ultimately responsible for it.

Keep shining my friend, enjoy life and this special day.





on 6/10/14 4:02 am
VSG on 06/27/12

Happy Birthday and Surgiverary!!!!  You've worked through a lot of stuff and came out on the other side!! Proud of you!  And, you look fabulous, too!!!


on 6/10/14 4:05 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

Thank you for sharing and congrats on your success  :-)

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on 6/10/14 4:09 am

You're a babe! What a gorgeous smile you have


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Happy Gurl
on 6/10/14 4:27 am
VSG on 10/26/12 with

Gorgeous pictures - you look amazing!!!!  So happy for you!

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on 6/10/14 4:45 am

Your beauty shines through, your determination to live life on your terms makes me smile with pride for you and your courage inspires me to keep climbing.  Happy birthday, happy rebirth, happy life to you my friend.  I sent you many hugs and the very best wishes for an amazing year to come. 

Sandy M.
on 6/10/14 4:51 am - Detroit Lakes, MN
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Beautiful pics!  You can see your happiness shine in your eyes!

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Tracy D.
on 6/10/14 5:01 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

Bravo, Allison!  During this last year I've read your posts and you have traveled to hell and back.  And you are back with a vengeance (in a good way!).   Happy that your physical and mental health issues are resolving and that you are loving life...and yourself!  

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