Had plastics last week.

on 6/12/14 5:49 am - CA

At home, getting bored wondering if this will all turn out ok.  It's hard to tell right now because of the swelling.  I hope I didn't go from an hourglass shape to a weird diamond. . .  I also hope my boobs drop and look a little smaller when all is said and done.

I feel pretty good physically, but am pretty limited in what I can do, too.  And I'm getting bored.  Hence my post. :)

Here's a preview of my giant boobies:

Sarah's giant boobies.

Sarah, VSG Dr. Cirangle--12/28/12, HW: 265 SW: 253 GW: 130???

Gail D.
on 6/12/14 6:41 am

I'm counting down until I can consider body re-sculpting. :-) Congratulations!


A. Kondrlik
on 6/12/14 6:58 am
VSG on 01/24/13

I am hoping that my insurance company will be nice and pay for the boobs. until then I just went to the fancy bra store and bought million dollar bras to keep them perky.


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Kelly Jean
on 6/12/14 10:47 am
VSG on 04/08/14

I'm so jealous....   I want new boobies also.... they look great... especially since your only 1 week out!!!! Congratulations! !



(deactivated member)
on 6/12/14 12:02 pm

Well, bless your heart! You did get giant boobies!   I still laugh when I think of that joke picture you posted of you with the GIANT ones!

Seriously, they do not look too high or too big! I'm sure they are going to look just perfect when all is said and done! If you're bored, I'm betting the recovery is going well. Will I get to see you and your new boobs on Tuesday? I hope so! I want to ooh and ahh over the your plastics!


on 6/12/14 11:35 pm - CA

I plan to come, but I have to be cleared to drive myself first.  I'm going to try to make it through today with only Tylenol, I think.  I reserve the right to change my mind. :)

Sarah, VSG Dr. Cirangle--12/28/12, HW: 265 SW: 253 GW: 130???

on 6/12/14 2:48 pm

Ya....I'm gonna have to check em out.....

What am I sayin.... I saw a pic of Bad Azz Hubs !!!!


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Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 6/12/14 2:54 pm
VSG on 10/09/12

Congrats!!!! I just did the boobs and thighs last Monday too. Pics in my plastics album if you want to have a look. How did your LBL go? Great that you are bored - good sign! 

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on 6/12/14 11:38 pm - CA

The LBL is the most annoying thing ever, I think.  I can't really tell how it's going to turn out yet, my butt looks super flat to me, and I can already tell my thighs aren't going to be as good as I'd hoped.  But I do think the stomach will be a major improvement, it's just hard to see it with the swelling and my hunched shoulders (which, to be fair, are less hunched every day).  So in terms of the actual procedure and recovery it's going well, but I am having a hard time visualizing the end results right now.

I am not good at visualizing things in general, though.  I'm one of those people who has to actually move the furniture around to figure out how I want it, if that makes sense.

Wow--I'll have to go check out your album!  After this I'm pretty sure I won't do more plastics.  I'm just not a good patient.

Sarah, VSG Dr. Cirangle--12/28/12, HW: 265 SW: 253 GW: 130???

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