NSV this morning

on 7/26/14 12:17 am

I jumped in my car to drive my daughter to work and on the way back I noticed that not only does my tummy no longer touch the steering wheel, it is almost 2 inches away from it! Small things like this are making me so happy! 

BTW, I am 3 weeks out from VSG.


on 7/26/14 12:20 am
VSG on 05/01/13 with

Awesome NSV!!

savor this time in your weight loss

to me the NSV ore only second to the SV's

when I read your post I was immediate transported 

to when I had that NSV.


on 7/26/14 1:16 am

Thanks! I only hope to do as great as you and some of the other vets by the time of my surgiversary.


on 7/26/14 12:22 am

Did you do the happy dance?   



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on 7/26/14 1:17 am

Yep, still dancin'!


on 7/26/14 1:04 am - Mc Calla, AL
VSG on 06/12/14

awesome....i'm having the same NSV...its awesome isnt it..... so for you.

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on 7/26/14 1:18 am


on 7/26/14 2:56 am

Way to go!

Jaime P.
on 7/26/14 6:31 am
VSG on 07/22/14

Great job! Can't wait to have some NSV's and SV's! 


32 y/o female 5'2"; HW 260; GW 140; SW 245.8; CW 233; BMI 43.6

on 7/26/14 7:50 am

Right on Honey! I'm hoping to have the same luck after my surgery. Thanks for the post.