Gallbladder out!!!!

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At 6+ years out from VSG, I finally gave in to getting it out on Thursday. My body is feeling sooooo much better! Except for in the surgical area! The surgeon didn't give any orders for bowel prep!!! I wish I had did it on my own now. I am dealing with bowel pressure, incision pain and muscle pain. The Tramacet isn't helping the bowel issue either.. Have taken some M.O.M so, let's see by morning if that works. LoL, I guess the moral of this story is I am dropping in to say I made it through the surgery with flying colours. He did it laparoscopically. He worked around the old scar tissue so he wouldn't have to open! So, if you have GB issues get it out sooner than later! 





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on 9/13/14 5:23 pm

I thought you were done with doctors and hospitals !

Take care !


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I wish, but, I still have skin to be taken care of, one year! ;) 

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I got mine out the Friday b4 last and I feel soooooo much better. I didn't have to do a bowl prep either.

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Did you feel bloated afterwards for a few days? Or am I just full of sheet! LoL

Leaky sleeve survivor!!! 2008/2009 ~ 5'7"~ 42F Bougie

on 9/21/14 11:54 pm

Well that's one more hurtle you have overcome. It's not the same for everyone but some of the bloating may be from the gas they use to extend your belly. When I had my gallbladder our it took me about 5-6 days before I could go as I was barely eating and the tramacet was effecting my bowel movements. Drink lots and move as much as possible.

Feel Better,



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