Recovery from food addiction - a work in progress

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Who ever recommended the book "From the First Bite" - THANK YOU

Ive been working with this book which is a comprehensive book on the recovery process and is very educational but easy to read. Ive been seeing some posts (not necessarily here) where people are denying food addiction/obesity as a physiological/medical condition. I used to subscribe to the "weight loss is a simple math equation" until I started listening to my body and doing the research. It's not all in my head. Knowing this has made it easier for me to stay away from certain foods and recognizing the benfits. 

"Research indicates that food addiction, a biogenetic disease, is inherited just like blue eyes and blond hair. Surprised? Yes, addiction is an inherited trait. Researchers have linked a particular gene to addiction. The findings of addiction specialist Dr. Ernest P. Noble, at the University of California at Los Angeles, focus on dopamine receptor gene that is responsible for sensations of pleasure or reward. A form of the pleasure gene called A1, previously linked to alcohol and cocaine abuse, may be the cause of carbohydrate craving and compulsive eating. In a study of seventy people who were obese, Dr. Noble and his colleauges found twice as many of them as expected carried the rare dopamine receptor gene A2. The more common or "normal" gene is A2.

In previous studies, researchers found the brains of people carrying the rarer A1 gene had fewer dopamine receptors than those ith the A2 gene. This suggests that people with fewer dopamine receptors may use substances to satisfy the deficit. Just as alcohol and cocaine increase the level of dopamine, so do carbohydrates. Food addicts eat refined carbohydrates to feel better...and incresase the level of brain chemicals. Addiction is a process of self medicating a distressed brain in chemical imbalance.


The biochemistry of food addiction follows a path which starts when refined carbohydrates flood the brain with dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. As the brain becomes flooded with these neurotransmitters a feeling of well being results and craving is stimulated. Serotonin promotes a sense of calm and well being. It is the brain's own painkiller and tranquelizer. The results of ingestion of refined carbohydrates is that the food addict walks around drunk on refined carbohydrates. "


There is more about how what goes up must come down. Once the neurotransmitters leave the receptor sites, the brain is back in a condition of imbalance, resulting in distress, depression and cravings. It takes more and more frequent carbohydrates to bring the brain back into balance.

This is the argyment for abstinence of sugar, flour and wheat. Not every one believes in this, but this is exactly why moderation, even in maintenance, will not work for everyone. I personally will neve be able to have one cookie, one piece of candy, etc. Its reassuring though to know that by abstaining, there is hope for me and my recovery process.

I know a lot of people deal with this. If anyone wants to chat about it, feel free to send me a PM. - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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Thank you so much for this! I am one who has tried to cut out all breads, pastas, rices and potato. I've tried to add them back in moderation and it only makes me want them more and then I binge...

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I was just listening to a podcast about this very subject it was very enlightening. 

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The cure is simple though.   Stay off sugars and grains and it all goes away.

Calories don't matter, eat a high fat diet and you get the satiety which blocks most of the impulses.  Using this method you don't count calories, you simply focus on not eating sugars or grains and allow yourself everything else.

Since you're not under any food denial, or calories counting process, you'll be eating plenty (and healthier BTW).  The absence of sugar and grains will prevent the hunger spikes that derail you.

if you're a little bit interested, check out a documentary titled "Cereal Killers".  Just google it and you'll find it.  It's absolutely worth the rental or purchase price.  I bought it and am on my third viewing in the last week.

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Google NSNG and learn the right way to eat each day

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Oh and caffeine. Must avoid that. That's probably my biggest obstacle but one day. - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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You hit the nail on the head! Many neurologists are now linking refined carbs and wheat gluten to many disorders from alzheimers to fibromyalgia. I felt better in 2 weeks after being gluten free, but now I'm doing creamed soups post-op until 9-28-14 and they have gluten....staring to feel the pain again too. There's another very interesting (and frightening) documentary called "Big Sugar" you may want to check out...I plan to watch "Cereal Killers". Thanks for the info!


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Thanks for sharing this info....I agree completely! The more carbs I eat the more I want. I admire your tenacity....hope I can be that strong!


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Living this. It's a tough road and some of us seem to take a little longer than others. Like you said, just as long as we don't give up! Luckily for me, I don't seem to have issues with flour and wheat alone. It's only when they are combined with fat and sugar that I seem to have issues. I can have a bite of bread or pasta or rice and be totally fine. However, the first bite of something high in refined sugar and the light switch goes on. Took me until I was 50 to really, truly and honestly understand this about myself. You are very lucky in my opinion to be figuring this out at a significantly younger age!