4 Yrs in November.

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Hi there OH family!  It's been quite a while since I posted on here.  It's actually been quite a while since I've just read through the daily posts seeking ideas, encouragement,etc. 

It is evident I need to be back on here for support. I'm nearly 4 years post VSG. My highest weight was 224. My surgeons goal was   150 and I actually got down to 136 (normal BMI). Now today, I'm totally bummed out because I'm about 165!  I'm a chunky size 12 and u don't like it one bit!  I think I got burned out on protein shakes and my high protein diet so soon I was eating a handful of chips, a handful of m&m's, tacos, pasta, mini bagels...and other beloved carbs.  Ugh!  I'm so disappointed in myself. What would be your ideas for getting back on track?  I look at my profile pictures on here and almost want to cry for getting to a weight that made me so happy and now struggling to lose the same weight again. I suck. 

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VSG on 07/09/13

Hello to you!

You know the drill- protein first and keep your carbs low.  Oh yes- drink your water- lots! You need at least 64 oz water and 64 gms of protein.  You can do this!  Get the carb monster off your back and white knuckle it right now.  In a few days you will feel better and you know it!

Best wishes-





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Quanita L.
on 9/30/14 4:59 pm - Adelaide, Australia
VSG on 11/12/14

Hi I am 8 years out and am going to have my second sleeve done on the 12th November.

I don't remember if this was the case last time or not, but I am quite dismayed by the whole no carbs or little carbs opinions all over here. That sounds just like a ketosis board or a VLCD board.  

Personally I am going to track my calories and take advantage of the fact that I will have the ability to eat a very low calorie diet and then a low calorie diet over the long term and have a lot of strategies in place to ensure that I am successful.  

You can eat carbs and protein in a balanced way without gaining weight and you can also lose all the weight you want that way.

None of my surgeons paper work recommends a low carb lifestyle or restricting any kind of food. He (and the nutritionist who wrote his material on diet) recommend a 'balanced' diet with limited quantities due to restriction.

Our bodies need carbs.

As people we do lots of things, just because we like it. (Even animals do)  Just because you and I over ate before, doesn't mean we will do that forever, we can learn to balance things it so that we eat for sustenance and occasionally (not everyday and not all the time) eat for enjoyment or fun or because something tastes delicious. 

Low carb forever is not the only option available
Low carb to start then returning to balanced is quite difficult  (because of having to switch your body out of ketosis into it's natural state of nutrient consumption without overdoing it)

I think the low carb forever idea or rules alienate people like me who can't sustain it long term and make those who do not make it feel like a failure.
I understand that what works for me (eating balanced low calories) is not sustainable for others and for them the low carb is a better option

So take everything on board that will be useful for you and don't take anything on board that doesn't work for you

Don't tell yourself you are a failure or that you are bad, because you have gained a little weight - if you are back to work on things again - that is brave and strong and at least twice as good as someone that didn't even try the first time.  If we never tried to walk again after the first time we fell over, we would still be sitting on the ground, you are moving in the right direction and you are awesome for doing that for yourself and the people who love you  

You definitely do not suck!




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