Not looking for sympathy!!

on 12/11/14 3:34 am - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

But, a week ago today my 21 year old nephew was killed on the job... Helppppp...How do you turn off the stress eating!!!!





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on 12/11/14 3:47 am - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

condolences to you and your family, just try to find an other way to grieve, if you over eat for a short time you can go back on plan   


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Gwen M.
on 12/11/14 3:52 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I'm sorry.  

Try to replace it with healthier things that burn off energy - like going for a walk, or a run, or whatever does it for you.  

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on 12/11/14 3:57 am
RNY on 08/21/12

I'm so sorry to hear it. I think the best thing you can do is stay active, and try not to have food nearby.

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on 12/11/14 3:57 am

On man..... that made my heart sink....I couldn't imagine.....

If you can turn the stress eating into stress exercise that might help.

The exercise and endorphin rush is a known to curb appetite and combat depression.

Condolences to you and your family.


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on 12/11/14 4:47 am
VSG on 07/10/14 with

Well, you're going to get some sympathy anyway .  What a horrible thing for your family and the rest of his loved ones. I am so sorry.

Do you have a therapist? An extra session might be in order. Remind yourself that you aren't doing the legacy of his life any good by sabotaging your own. Try not to be alone but with people who understand your situation. Some exercise, eating and drinking healthy substitutes (binge on SF popsicles or SF candy for example, and long talks can help. Hang in there. This too shall passs. Everyone encounters stumbling blocks, though not usually as difficult as this one. You can get through it and stay on track for your health. I am sure that is what your nephew would have wanted.


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Tracy D.
on 12/11/14 5:21 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

Oh Donna, I'm so sorry to hear this - what a tragedy for you and your family!  

I don't have any magic tricks but I know from experience that stress eating often has to do with needing to push down the emotions that are just too painful to feel.  Allowing yourself to feel and express them can take away a lot of the stress.  If you don't have someone to talk to maybe you can write down how you're feeling in a journey.  Or take a long drive and listen to super-sad music that touches your heart and just let yourself cry it out (that's my favorite tactic).  

Hugs to you, lady 

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