In my 4th week post-op with VSG bowel problems

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VSG on 11/25/14

Hi everyone,

    Well like I said I'm in my 4th week post-op and things aren't to great. Except the losing weight part. Prior to surgery I  couldn't have to much artificial sugar it didn't agree with me. I apologize for being blunt but I heard some people go through this and need advice. So for about a week now I've been having problems with my bowels first it was diarrhea then just SUPER soft. I am still on full liquids for one more week. Everything I put in my mouth including water is giving me gas and causing nausea . It doesn't matter how slow I sip or eat when I am eating it is causing gas. To the point I can't lay down flat because of the gas and if I'm in a car going over bumps I can feel it moving around. I am afraid to go out. Never know if what wants to come out is gas or something else. I've tried gas ex and that helps but how much can I have of that. When I started the protein shakes I bought nectar flavored. Now I am taking nectar unflavored because it doesn't have any of that artificial sugar in it and stopped any thing that has it in it except for the vitamins. I am stopping them today just for one day. I've taken Imodium that hasn't helped either. The nutritionist said try fiber so I am trying that but it fills me up so much. So this question goes out to anyone who has this problem also. Do you know if this will slow down after I start eating solid food or is this forever? People have said liquids in liquids out. But in my opinion I think in my case it is from the artificial sugar. One more thing I've been on antibiotics for 3 days (today is my last day) not because of an illness but because I had surgery to fix my thumb yesterday. I am taking oxycodone for pain and pain meds are suppose to bind you up (not yet). So maybe it's the antibiotics but like I said it's been a week. Regardless of the gas I am getting in most of my water and all my protein. Any advice will help. Thanks to everyone in advance for any advice.

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you could have become lactose intolerant after your surgery. Try an egg white protein,Jay Robb has a good one and almond milk,if you use milk for your shakes. Try that for a week and stop other milk products and see if it makes a difference. 




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VSG on 12/04/14

I was not tolerant of the whey protein and had to switch over the Robb's Egg White protein. I love the chocolate with 1/2 banana. I'm still on liquids until tomorrow. It will be 2 weeks and I can graduate to puree. I've also tried his Vanilla and added 1 Tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa with 1/2 banana and its wonderful too. My surgeon said to start taking fiber. You might want to ask your surgeon. Hope you fill better soon. A few months from now, we'll look back and it will only be a memory.


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Liquids in, liquids out. For many the fluid diet phase causes this or to the other extreme of nothing coming ou****ch the lactose as suggested, try a different protein... but it might just be that you need solid food?

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I read a post on here that said Fennel Tea really helped with her gas when nothing else would. You can buy the tea bags pre-made, or try like she did- ground up some fennel seeds in her pantry, boiled, strained and drank.

I'm pre-op but I bought some just in case!

Gwen M.
on 12/17/14 6:55 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I would also look to an intolerance.  Switch your shakes for a non-whey protein.  Mix them with something other than what you're using now.  

It might change when you progress to pureed foods.  

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