on 4/1/15 2:17 am

A week or so ago, I posted the following: 

So I had my surgery, July 2008. I lost 110 lbs in 9 months. I stopped short of my goal by 20 lbs. In the past 3 years, I started getting lax. I gained back 60 lbs. I got discouraged and depressed. I started researching revisions and the DS. I have read for months about the DS and I had an appt for tomorrow to schedule the revision. Last week I decided to go back to the basics and just try this one more time. I cut out all of the carbs and crap I was eating and I started tracking what I was putting in my mouth. I am thankful, happy and so excited to say, I have dropped 10 lbs.

Let me say here.. the surgery does NOT give you the okay to eat anything that you want. I have heard folks say I eat anything I want and I haven’t gained a pound back. I truly find that hard to believe. I am not saying that you can’t ever have that slice of birthday cake… I am saying you can’t have that slice of birthday cake every.single.day and expect to lose or expect to not gain weight.

I was told from the beginning.. this surgery is a tool… and ONLY a tool to help you lose weight but you have to do your part too. That is the truth. The honest to God truth.

So for the next 3 months, I am going to do my part of eating right, exercising more and drinking water like I am supposed to and see where it takes me. At the end of the three months, if I know that I have given it EVERYTHING within me.. and I have been honest and true about the food I am digesting, I will make a decision if I want a revision. I cannot justify a revision for ME if I am not making THIS tool work. I can’t keep going under the knife to make weight loss work for me for the moment. This has to be a lifelong commitment.

So for all of the newbies out there… weight gain is real. It does happen (more times than not) and to keep the weight off… you have to work this tool. You can’t get to goal and decide to eat everything in sight (even in small portions). The tool we have, has failed some people (rarely), but most of the time, WE fail the tool.

I promised to come back often with an update.  So here I am...  Since this post, I have lost 12 lbs.  I have cut out ALL carbs from my diet and I am no longer hunger all of the time.  The worse times for me is right before bed because I was used to having a carb "snack" and I have cut that out.  Now I have a boiled egg or string cheese.  I feel so much better knowing that I am back on track.  I am not losing as quickly as I would like to... but Rome wasn't built in a day.  I will take it as it comes.  :)

Mary Gee
on 4/1/15 2:23 am - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

It's good to see you're not jumping on the Revision Train without giving your original surgery another chance.  It's one thing if the surgery has failed you, but I believe it seldom is the surgery (with the exception of lap band failures).  Generally, you gain the weight because you've strayed off the path.

Best of luck to you.  I hope your re-commitment gets you back on track to weight loss.


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on 4/1/15 11:58 pm

Since I still have a ton of restriction... I am not sure a revision would really benefit me. :(

on 4/1/15 2:37 am - CT
VSG on 04/01/14 with

Awesome!  I'm glad you're not jumpingnintonrevision. You can do this!  Question for you...  How is restriction this many years out?  How much are you able to eat at once?



on 4/1/15 11:51 pm

For me, restriction is definitely still there.  Carbs, I can eat a lot.  Meat, I can eat one chicken leg and half of another one.  If I eat both at one sitting, I will throw up.  One boiled egg, again if I try to eat two, I will throw up.  I usually get a salad from subway... I get it at 11:30 and I don't fini**** until around 2p.m.  Definitely still have a lot of restriction! :)

on 4/2/15 2:07 am - CT
VSG on 04/01/14 with

Thats great to hear. I can inly eat one hard bouled egg at a time. 2 oz of meat and thats it. Sometimes i have veggies in between. 



Joanna B
on 4/1/15 4:15 am - MI
VSG on 03/12/15

I'm so glad you tell it as it is :)

As a newbie, I really appreciate it! 

on 4/1/15 11:58 pm

Yes, sadly I thought this surgery was a "cure all" and I would NEVER have to diet again... BIG BIG BIG misconception on MY part.  :)

on 4/1/15 11:58 am

Wow, thank you for your post!  I am 5 years out from my vsg. Lost about 120 and kept it off for a bit, but now have gained 40 lbs :(.   Was looking back here on OH for some revision info and came across your post. I'm so happy to hear of your success in such a short time, I THINK I know deep in my heart that I really need to get back to "work" to make it work. You have inspired me!!!  

Would love to know, if you would, your eating plan.  Either way, THANKS!

on 4/1/15 11:54 pm

Eileen:  I am just cutting carbs, sweets, breads, fried food from my diet.  I have one cup of coffee in the morning.  Usually 2 eggs for breakfast (fried without oil), cheese stick for snack with a boiled egg if I am still hungry, green salad with turkey and oil/vinegar dressing for lunch, boiled egg of cheese stick for snack, dinner: chicken or beef patty, veggie and then for snack before bed if I just have to have it... about 10 almonds.  But I am drinking a ton of lemon water that I make myself with no sweetener of any type.  :)   Other than that... unsweetened iced tea or water.  That about covers it! :)

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