1 year anniversary tomorrow 4/8/14was my SD pics

Kelly Jean
on 4/7/15 12:44 pm
VSG on 04/08/14

Wow it feels like just yesterday..  It's amazing I can't begin to explain fully..  I started at 242 lbs goal weight was 145 I hit goal at 7 months out..  Started maintenance and dropped another 11lbs I'm 134 lbs I was a size 20_ 22 iI'm now a size 2 or 0 and I'm loving every second I go to the gym at least 5times a week I live running jogging hiking I hate TV lol I haven't had a nap in forever I can't even think back that far..  I don't have time for that lol..  I sleep an average of maybe 6 maybe 7 hrs a night ni longer feel the need to sleep 12 hors a night lol.. 

Well I  once hated my pic taken I'm now  selfie  queen.. I'll never miss a family pic or memory again.. 

I have learned that I eat to fuel my body.  Not to pass time..  I'm still a slave to my scale because if I gain more then 2 lbs I make sure to get it off..   I help run a support group for wls  and it's amazing to be able to help people as I was helped..  And I'll always tell them something I heard and learned 1year also by Frisco..  Always under eat your sleeve..  It worked for me.. Thanks Frisco..  :-*   

I'll be soon getting my gift to me for hitting goal and hitting g 1year on April 20rh I'll be getting the twins done (  * ) (  * ) 

This has been an amazing journey in wouldn't change a thing I love  my sleeve thank all of you for your help and support xoxox!!!!  :-)  I'll put some new pics in my profile.. 





on 4/7/15 1:00 pm
VSG on 03/07/14

Amazing!  You look great. I'm jealous of your lack of saggy skin in your bikini pic! I can't wear a swim suit. Or shorts. Or a short sleeved shirt for that matter. Lol. Some day I will go under the knife. Keep us posted on how that goes!

37 y/o female 5'8" HW 355 consult 329 SW (3/7/2014)301 CW 168 goal 170

M1- 26 M2- 14 M3- 15 M4 -13 M5 -16 M6-12 M7-2 M8-5 M9-6 M10-8 M11-1 M12-5  M13-10 Goal reached 4/5/15 total lost 187 lbs total; 133 in the 13 months since surgery

on 4/7/15 8:30 pm
VSG on 07/09/13

Congratulations- so glad you are doing well!



Learn from your family history and rewrite yours!

Kelly Jean
on 4/9/15 10:34 am
VSG on 04/08/14

Thanks Nancy hope all is well with you also!!!  



on 4/7/15 10:15 pm - Woburn, MA

Kelly, you look fantastic!!!  You are an inspiration to all.  Congrats.

     VSG on 04/28/2014 

Kelly Jean
on 4/9/15 10:35 am
VSG on 04/08/14

Awwwww luv thanks so much..  Xoxoxo

💜 Kelly 


Kelly Jean
on 4/9/15 10:36 am
VSG on 04/08/14

Thanks luv xoxox 

💜 Kelly 


on 4/7/15 10:56 pm

Congratulations! You are an inspiration! Your happiness is evident and I love your outlook! 

"Never miss a memory or a family photo again..." - that's a big reason I'm on this journey, too! Thanks for expressing that so well! I get it! You did it and it helps me to think that I can do it, too!!!

Best wishes as you continue your 'new life!'


5'6", VSG on Dec. 2


Kelly Jean
on 4/9/15 10:37 am
VSG on 04/08/14

Wooooo hooooo your doing great..  We were the same starting weight..  Go get em.. Thank you!!!! 



on 4/8/15 12:16 am
VSG on 12/04/14

Congratulations! You look amazing, good job!   Christine