Xpost 2 month post op update!

on 4/22/15 3:12 am
VSG on 02/25/15

Today I am 2 months post op! This month I have lost 10.4 pounds, and yes that .4 is important! :) It total since surgery I am down 27.4 pounds and since my first consult I am down 42.4. Weight loss has started slowing down, but 10 pounds a month is pretty awesome so I will take it. Plus, hopefully losing at an average pace will help with skin issues, though I won't mind if next months loss is more 


I have finally started working out again, something I have missed for a long time. I use to exercise 3x a week for 1-1.5 hours. I have missed it. I have been starting and stopping for a few weeks now, but as of yesterday my MIL and I are working out together so I know I will stay motivated. I am pretty sore today, but I welcome it. As for surgery related things, I am still struggling with getting all of my water in everyday but have managed to get all my protein in on most days. I find the weekend the hardest. I am still struggling with some bowel issues so I am trying to push as much water as possible and am slowly getting it up there. 

My incisions look great now and only a couple are noticeable, not that I will be showing my tummy off ;) Anyways- wanted to just give a quick update! I may take and post progress pics soon, if I can work up the courage to have them online! 

5'1 Consult: 227 HW: 232 SW:212 CW:131 GW: 120 Pant size start: 18/20 Current: size 6/8

M1: 195 (-17) M2: 184.6 (-10.4) M3: 176.6 (-8) M4: 168.2 (-8.4) M5: 160 (-8.2) M6: 155.4 (-4.6) M7: 145.6 (-9.8) M8: 141 (-4.6) M9: 137 (-4) M10: 135.8 (-1.2) M11: 135 (-.8) M12: 131 (-4) M13: (-0) M14: (-0) M15: (-0) 

Have stopped losing pounds but am losing inches! 


on 4/22/15 5:33 am
VSG on 11/06/14

Wow, you are doing great! Keep up the good work and great attitude!


Gwen M.
on 4/22/15 5:44 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Congrats on your recovery so far!

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Joanna B
on 4/23/15 2:29 am - MI
VSG on 03/12/15

Congratulations on your weight loss!! You are doing AMAZING!!!