Could have moved surgery up

on 5/11/15 12:03 pm
VSG on 06/16/15

Surgeon's office called today wanted to know if I wanted to move surgery date up to May 27 from June 16 I wanted to so bad but my schedule just won't allow it  :( The call is making it all so much more real my stomach is in knots lol 

on 5/11/15 4:42 pm
VSG on 03/16/15

I would not have been able to move my date either. I had to work hard to get them to give me time off I needed to recover.  I bet your were freaking.  It will be here soon enough.  Good luck

Ht:6'5 Start weight 427, surgery weight=362 current weight 238 goal weight unsure?

on 5/11/15 5:43 pm - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

a few weeks will not matter in the long run and this will give you more time to lose more weight pre op and make it safer


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