Its hard

on 6/3/15 2:06 pm
VSG on 06/16/15

I started my liquid preop diet yesterday and am having a hard time....grandson has some colby jack cheez it and I am craving them so bad probably just cuz I know I can't have them cuz usually it doesn't bother me when he has snacks lol

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VSG on 02/04/15

It is hard, but soooooooo worth it. Perhaps you can find something that the two of you can snack on together like a jello smoothie or a sf pudding or popsicle (if that's what you're allowed as each plan varies.) As long as you can enjoy the time together.

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on 6/3/15 5:46 pm

This is probably the absolute worst time for most people in the whole VSG process. Stick with it! It's so worth it, even though it's hard. Drink tons of liquid, distract yourself, do whatever it takes to make this a bearable experience for you. When you get past the first three days it will get much easier. In a few weeks you will be so thankful that you stuck with it! Having your new, tiny stomach is well worth going through the pain of the liquid diet!

You can do this!

on 6/3/15 5:50 pm

Make some Powerade Zero ice cube tray popcicles. They are fun and something you both can share. 


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on 6/4/15 9:45 am - ME

I found that plain greek yogurt, mixed with some sugar free instant pudding mix helped.  The pudding mix thickens the already thicker yogurt and it felt like I was having solid food and tasted really good.  As others have said, this is the worst part, but so worth it!  And yes, after 3 days it does get easier.  Just try to focus on why you're doing this, and that you want your surgery to be as safe as possible, and you'll get through it.  Sending prayers and good vibes!  Mary

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on 6/7/15 7:16 pm

I know how you feel!  I am 6 days into my 14 day liquid pre-op diet. I love the premier shakes but I have to drink optifast and I don't like them at all!  I cook dinner for my two children and husband every day and it is killing me!  I'm allowed 25 calories of liquids outside the optifast and I use it for sugar free Popsicles while my family eats. I've also stopped watching live tv because of all the food commercials and I'm going to bed really early... Or at least sitting in bed and reading these posts!  Lol!  Hang in there- it totally stinks now but I hear it's worth it!  Lol!