on 6/18/15 7:52 pm
VSG on 06/16/15

Surgery was on Tuesday how long fors the gas last

on 6/18/15 10:16 pm - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

usually less than a week , just keep walking and a hot towel helps with the pain


   175 lb  lost,412 hw 336sw,241 cw surgery July 22 2013,surgeon Dr Colin MacColl,







on 6/19/15 6:46 am - Canada
VSG on 04/27/15

Mine was gone on day 4. It does suck doesn't it? Only temporary however.


Male 55, Initial weight 388#, and 6'1" / surgery weight 360#/Current Weight is 296#

on 6/19/15 4:01 pm

I had mine on Wed and I don't stop walking. I weigh more than before the surgery. I read how everyone lost weight the first week. Did anyone weigh more?