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on 6/21/15 7:19 am
VSG on 06/16/15

Sleeve on June 16 up until today virtually no appetite I've been getting in my liquids and trying to eat a little yogurt or have protein shakes or soups my question is how do I know what it real hunger and what is head hunger typically how much should my portion be when I do eat and how often

Mary Gee
on 6/21/15 7:40 am - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

Generally, the surgeon's office will give you an eating plan for each stage.  Are you still on liquids, or have you advanced to pureed foods?  Many plans call for three meals a day and 1-2 snacks, others call for five small meals throughout the day.  You should eat according to your schedule.  Usually 3-4 oz. of protein and then, if room, green veggies, then fruit for meals. No pastas/bread/starches.  Snacks, for me, are generally protein shakes, or yogurt or cottage cheese, others may have a ham/cheese roll-up.  Eggface's site has great recipes for pureed food, and also shake recipes -- you may find that helpful.

I consider head hunger to be when I want something that's no longer on my program -- I don't think "I'm hungry for a piece of chicken" -- no, it's "I sure could go for some _____________ **** cream, pizza, chips, chocolate)"  I have to busy myself to get pass that type of hunger and/or have a drink of crystal light or a cup of tea.  If I'm thinking about a piece of chicken, it's generally meal time.

Congratulations on your surgery!  There's lots of room here on The Losers' Bench.  


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on 6/21/15 7:59 am
VSG on 06/16/15

Im on the liquid protein phase the same I was on for my 2 week preop diet

on 6/21/15 7:59 am - TN
VSG on 06/19/13

Portions and when and how to eat should come from your surgeon. Everyone's plan is a little different, though on the liquids stage the general rule seems to be, do whatever you need to do in order to get to 64 oz of fluids and 75 grams of protein a day.

With respect to head hunger vs. real hunger: my test is what do I want to eat. If I am thinking something like "oh, I want a hamburger," or "gosh those chips look good," or "I'm hungry, maybe those cookies would hit the spot" -- that's head hunger. If, on the other hand, I feel hungry and would be perfectly happy to eat cold, unseasoned chicken breast with a side of broccoli, or a plain vanilla protein shake, or nonfat cottage cheese with nothing added to it -- that's true hunger. For me, real hunger means I'd be happy to eat just about anything short of food I find absolutely revolting (marshmallows, I'd have to be starving to eat them), or grilled kittens or fricasseed human flesh or something like that.

on 6/21/15 1:36 pm
VSG on 06/16/15

Nothing really sounds good so I am sure it wasnt real hunger Im going to eat some protidiet cream of chicken soup in a few minutes

on 6/21/15 12:03 pm
VSG on 03/28/15

Just to add to the above - both acid reflux and dehydration can mimic hunger. So if you think you're getting hungry this early out, one of those two other things is probably happening. I'm three months out and I still rarely actually feel hungry. I have to schedule my meals and set alarms to remind me to eat as I'm really never hungry. 

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on 6/21/15 1:33 pm
VSG on 06/16/15

I am pretty sure it was just gas because I really didnt want to eat anything

Heather S.
on 6/21/15 2:36 pm
VSG on 06/04/15

I feel hungry now and then if it's been too long since I ate/drank something. If it's hunger it doesn't feel specific, I just know I need to eat something. It didn't happen much on the liquid protein phase, because I was pretty much sipping on something all day whether it was a protein shake, water, crystal lite, whatever. I just started the soft protein stage today, and the past week I've been dreaming of things like eating saltine crackers and scarfing down a piece of pizza like I used to. That's head hunger for me. I'd wake up and go, really? And laugh.  Some things look and sound really good, and now instead of dwelling on oh I can't ever have that again, I think how can I make that low-carb high-protein to fit on my program? For somethings it's just not possible, but others it's fun to play around with. :-) Good Luck, and Congratulations on your surgery!!

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on 6/22/15 9:54 am
VSG on 06/16/15

Thanks havent really craved anything yet although when family is eating something I do think oh that looks good but then I move on

on 6/21/15 8:25 am, edited 6/21/15 8:26 am - Vancouver, WA

Also remember the nerves in your stomach were cut during surgery so you can't really trust your "feelings" for a few weeks or a couple of months. Another thing to remember is no one has died yet that I'm aware of by just ignoring their hungry feelings to wait say  an hour until dinner time. I know some people swear they will perish if they don't eat within the next 40 seconds but I don't think it has actually happened!  lol Just know that everyone here has survived hunger many times and they are the ones that keep the weight off. If you think you may be going to have a situation where you may be tempted to cheat because of hunger, say you are going to the kids baseball game then be sure to plan ahead. Take some string cheese or a pack of jerky just something small for in case the game goes overtime. It can all be worked with and around with a bit of planning.