Am I Too Old

on 6/28/15 9:30 am

Hello! I am 5'2" tall, 60 yrs old, and weigh around 220 lbs. I still want to live an active life style. I often wonder if I'm too old to still want to have WLS. I had the band for 5 yrs and had it removed about 9 months ago. I'm worried about my health issues especially my diabetes. I don't want to just give up on myself, but I cant seem to be motivated by diet alone. Am I being silly or selfish for still wanting to do this?

on 6/28/15 10:00 am

I'm 61 and just had my VSG 5/19/15. Doing good,  but often hear from others why would I do this at this age? I feel I made a  good choice because I've tried for years to do it by myself.

this was the tool I needed.

on 6/28/15 10:02 am

My opinion is; Absolutely not too old!!  Taking care of your health and feeling good is never selfish.  I believe it will make you feel much better - being healthy, taking care of yourself inside and out makes you not just feel great but also feel younger.  60 is not old.  Enjoy every day!!

Mary B.
on 6/28/15 10:03 am - AZ
VSG on 04/23/15

I'm 63, had VSG in April, have lost 50 pounds.  I am so happy I did it.

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on 6/28/15 10:06 am - Easley, SC
VSG on 10/27/14

I'm 61 and had VSG last decision of my life (after my salvation and my husband, of course)!!

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Mary Gee
on 6/28/15 10:48 am - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

Come on, really????!!!  Sixty is NOT old any longer.  I had surgery last year when I was 62, and I've never felt better.  It has changed my life.  Your health will improve - you'll feel better both mentally and physically.  I feel bad that you ask if you're being silly or selfish for wanting to do this.... It's YOUR life -- do it for yourself.  You deserve it.  I can't tell you how good you'll feel and how much happier you will be.

Do it, do it, do it!!!  



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on 6/28/15 11:55 am

I was 64 when I had my sleeve.  And I was an old 64 because my weight was slowing me down so much.  I had the sleeve, lost the weight, and I feel so much younger. There was a woman in my local support group who had her sleeve when she was 72.  The doctor's didn't have any problem with her age.  They said the only concern with being older is that if there are complications, things can go "wrong" with more serious repercussions.  But in most cases, the older patients do fine.  My doctor didn't even mention my age as an issue.

So Go for it!  You are certainly not too old for the sleeve.  You deserve to have all the health and energy you can! 

best wishes,



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on 6/28/15 12:45 pm

I'm 5'1", 63yo, and had the surgery this year on Feb. 2. Before the surgery I felt like I was 95 years old. After a 60-pound weight loss (so far), I feel like an energetic 60yo. Excess weight will age you faster than almost anything else.

I also had the band and I paid for it myself. There's $12,000+ I'll never see again. The band didn't do s**t. 

If wanting to improve your health, your well-being, and your life is silly and selfish, then we have a lot of silly, selfish 60+yos on this forum! Welcome to our club!



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on 6/28/15 7:11 am, edited 6/28/15 7:11 am

The fact that you're asking the question and ready to make a change speaks volumes.  You're ***not**** too old.  You're not silly, and you're certainly not selfish.  You're not choosing the easy way out- and I say this with only six weeks of experience (full disclosure).  You're making a change to become healthy, fit, and be around longer for those who love you.  (Not to mention yourself)

This is morbid but in my view a person is too old when he/she is basically ready to give up on life and embrace the alternative.

Best of luck!

on 6/28/15 2:34 pm

Here is a slightly different perspective- I decided to do this after my cancer diagnosis. I decided that a couple months of recovery time was worth even a few months of healthier living. Go for it. You will recover from it fairly quickly and can dramatically improve your health- in less than a year and leaving you lots of time to enjoy that health!

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