Laurie P.
on 7/5/15 10:08 am - Oregon House, CA
VSG on 03/13/08 with

Hi....has anyone had to have a colonoscopy since being sleeved and how did you handle the prep?  I am 7 years out and doing quite well.....I am back using my sleeve and getting the last 50 lbs off.  2 years ago I scheduled a colonoscopy.  I told them I was sleeved and would have a problem taking the go-lytely.  They basically told me tough....and if I didn't do it I would be non-compliant and wouldn't be able to do the procedure.  Well I tried....I got the first two doses down, but on the third dose my stomach wouldn't hold anymore (big surprise)  and it all came back up.  tried again and the same thing.  called the doctors office and they cancelled the procedure saying I was non-compliant.  Now I am scheduled to see a different doctor to schedule the dang test.  Obviously the go-lytely is a no go.  Hopefully this new doctor will be a little more understanding and patient and will have another prep I can do.  I know there are other possibilities.  Has anyone experienced this and how did you handle it?


                    pre-op 265  lbs.    day of surgery 252  lbs.     curent 187 lbs.

on 7/5/15 10:39 am - Cobourg, Canada
VSG on 04/12/13

I had  my colonscopy 2 months after surgery.  There are certainly other preps, I assume you had to down that huge bottle of gunk.  There are easier less volume preps so ask them for that or find another provider.  You do have to take your time to drink mucho water though.

on 7/5/15 11:38 am - NC
VSG on 03/11/15

Actually I am scheduled for one day after tomorrow (Tuesday).  My bariatric surgeon is doing the procedure himsekf,  He also did my endoscopy,.  I have to do two dulculax Monday night and all day Monday get down 8.3 oz bottle of Miralax mixed in 64 oz of whatever (Crytal Light or water or whaterever).  I guess he is really going to reboot my system with that.  lol.. I will post how it goes,  Good luck on your procedure.