what did you do when you came home?

on 7/10/15 7:58 am - kimper, KY

My husband isnt taking but 3 days off work we have kids so I'll have to.back in the swing quickly I'm worried I won't be able to keep up ...I have 17yr daughter who can help and my son is 10 my youngest and most demanding is 4 is my daughter...how did you feel when you can home those.first.few.days how was your pain?? Will I feel like death warmed over?? where were you the sorest?


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on 7/10/15 8:06 am
RNY on 08/05/19

Honestly, I did nothing but sleep for 3 days straight, and then LOTS of naps afterwards. My mom came to stay for about a week and she would bring me juice, keep track of my pills, and help me roll out of bed to stumble to the bathroom-- that's all stuff that your daughter could definitely do.

My stomach muscles were super sore, I had a hard time rolling out of bed. The pain meds helped me sleep, so I basically tried to zonk out through the worst of it.

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on 7/10/15 8:10 am

I was in the hospital 2 1/2 days and then home.  When I came home I was walking and doing stuff, but a bit more tired and took some naps.  I could do stuff, nothing major, but I wasn't in major pain.  I took the pain pills the fist day and then only at night.  I was very lucky to have help there with me, but I was able to get up and move.  Be very careful though and don't pick up anything over 10lbs.  You will feel it if you do.  

Good luck to you and let your 17yr old do most everything! 

on 7/10/15 8:41 am
VSG on 06/19/15

My surgery was on a Friday.  I was released Saturday Am and went to my parent's house.  I spent the night because Father's Day was Sunday.  To be honest with you, I don't remember much of Saturday and Sunday.  What I do remember is being pretty tired the first week.  I went back to work on Tuesday.  I have a 2 year old who was with his father until that Friday.  It was a lot of work, but my 15 year old niece helped me the next 2 weeks.  I never had "pain" to speak of.  Everyone that has used my surgeon has complimented his "Angel Hands" and I can testify that is a true statement.  I was able to sleep on my side right away.  

I honestly believe your 17yr old daughter will be a huge help.  Let her help as much as possible.  I started feeling better around the 2nd week as far as energy goes.  I am currently 3 weeks out and don't even feel like I had surgery.  Now drinking and eating are a total other story :) 

Best wishes on your journey!  I know you are excited to start the next chapter of your life.  Just to be honest, up until this week I hated myself.  But I have lost 29lbs since surgery and had to remember that this is going to take a while to get used to.  I had EXTREME head hunger post surgery.  If I knew I could have swallowed a cheeseburger, I probably would have attempted to stick it in my mouth.  It was a sad reality for me.  I had no idea what head hunger would be like.  I swore I was hungry and then every time I would try to get down soup or water, it felt like swallowing a brick. 

Be patient with your sleeve and your mind.  It will take time for them to heal together.  I assumed a lot of things that just weren't true.  Remember that just because your life style has now changed doesn't mean the people around you will be any different.  The day I came home my  mom had prepped a huge meal for my father.  The smells drove me nuts.  Reality was that my head was telling me to eat.  My stomach was FULL.  Be prepared to deal with these feelings.  And always make sure you have someone to talk to that has experience with these things ( like the vets on this site)  You are not in this alone.

Can't wait to hear your updates!!!

on 7/10/15 9:02 am

I didn't have a lot of pain, but I felt like I had the flu for three days, probably from the anesthetic.  I had a headache, groggy and I was achy all over.  By day 4, I was better, and by day 5 I was ready to go back to work part time.  I only used the pain meds for 1 day after surgery, and then Tylenol was enough.

Good luck,



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on 7/10/15 9:36 am
VSG on 03/31/15

I had a lot of bloating, and muscle soreness around my incisions, but honestly I felt normal other than that. I cleaned my house and went shopping the day after I got released, and other than getting up from a chair a little slower and getting tired a little faster I felt fine.

on 7/10/15 9:46 am - MI

I had surgery late on Friday and two days later I walked 1/2 mile with my Mom and drove us to church. I feel VERY lucky, I didn't have any complications at all and the pain was minimal. I know everyone is different and you'll hear different stories. My advice to you is to walk as soon as you can post surgery and to start sipping water as soon as possible. I think that really helped me to feel the way I did post surgery.

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on 7/10/15 10:48 am
RNY on 06/12/15

I came home on a Saturday, and my husband did everything for todays. While I rested and went for my walks. Monday I was up early got my girls ready for school and drove them. Came home took a walk and then naped most of the day. Picked up the girls from school and helped my husband do dinner. My girls are 5 and 7. After the 2-3 day really not to much pain, I just could not bend over to pick something up off of the ground. I also had to sleep on my back, it hurt bad when I tried to lay on my side. I am one month out today and can now lay on my side =)



on 7/10/15 3:49 pm - kimper, KY

Im a back sleeper so I hope I can rest lol and I hope I has a easy recovery th a is for.sharing your stories.with me I went to and bought my broth and jello sf pudding .ready made protein drinks.and..I also got my digital scale in the mail too :) as Spongebob says I'M READY I'M READY LOL 


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on 7/11/15 6:43 pm
VSG on 11/19/14

Day 1 is great but don't let that fool you, day 2 it hits you hard. I was not myself for 10 days