on 7/15/15 5:15 pm
VSG on 06/16/15

Question about sodium how much sodium is too much? I have been reading labels and just realized I have been overlooking sodium according to myfitnesspal I have already consumed 1800mg of sodium today 



on 7/15/15 6:04 pm
RNY on 08/21/12

I was told to get extra, as my BP dropped as I lost weight. I wouldn't worry about extra sodium.

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on 7/15/15 6:57 pm
VSG on 04/02/13

I think it's an individual thing .. something ot talk to your PCP about.  different conditions or medications will affect where you want to be.  But whatever that amount is, jsut try to keep in that range to avoid swings in blood pressure or water weight.

I find it a good metric to look at though, like if I'm taking in over 2000mg a day ... probably eating too many processed or pre-prepared foods.


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on 7/16/15 12:24 pm
VSG on 07/24/14

If you're on a low carb diet, and most of us are, you will likely need to supplement your sodium intake. I drink broth and occasionally take electrolyte tablets to make sure I get enough, otherwise I get super woozy and dizzy.


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