Drainage tube sore

on 7/19/15 2:06 pm - kimper, KY

Yesterday I noticed my drainage tube was more sore that it had been it's tender around the area it's I inserted in and the drainage has almost stopped...it stitched in place so I don't hi k it could have slipped out maybe it's stopped up inside there??? It was draining a ounce in the evening an an ounce in the morning it's supposed to come out Tuesday I am calling the Dr tomorrow I called the hospital which is 2.5 hrs way too and they said as long as it isn't dark ing yucky colors black green blue or I'm not.running a fever I should be ok...it feels like someone kicked me in the stomach in the area where it is... anyone else have this problem? 


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on 7/19/15 3:30 pm

I have had a lot of surgeries and drains, however, my drains are not stemming from a vsg surgery and very well could be different. However, there would be a few things to consider that would be the same. My current drain got VERY sore at the point where the tube came out of me. It was red around the tubing, and getting worse. The doc had me use Bacitracin (like Neosporin, but does not cause dermititis) on the red splotchy area and also globbed some on the tube. It felt better rapidly. He also put me on antibiotics. It has been a couple of days. Still a little too red, but much improved- and the pain is virtually gone now. He is waiting for my drain to put out less than 30 ML before he will remove it. Not sure what it might be for yours, but what I do know is that it should be looked at. Sounds like it may be a tad infected. 

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on 7/19/15 4:30 pm - kimper, KY

It's already p cutting out less than that now today it was 25ML I see him Tuesday but I'm calling him tomorrow see what he says I'm 2.5 he away I'd say he will say wait till Tuesday if no fever etc ...it is sore but no other symptoms...thanks so much for sharing your experience I appreciate it


HW 381/ pre op 345 /SW 312 Vsg 7/13/15 /CW 288

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on 7/19/15 5:31 pm
VSG on 01/19/15 with

I accidentally yanked on mine at one point and it was sore for a while after around the area - any chance you might have done that? 

on 7/19/15 6:44 pm
VSG on 02/25/15

Mine was extremely sore too! But I can say that as soon as it was removed, I felt like a new person. Before it was even hard to walk because of the pain but afterwards I could walk upright without an issue. My nurse told me that my body had probably just caught on that something unusual was in my body. Hang in there it's almost out! 

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