Question about taking medicine

on 8/8/15 7:54 pm
VSG on 06/16/15

When I had my surgery 6/16/15 they told me to take my medicine one pill at a time 15 minutes apart how long do I have to do this for it is so much easier to take them all at once? 


Mary B.
on 8/8/15 10:31 pm - AZ
VSG on 04/23/15

My surgeon had me crushing my pills.  After a month, I just started taking them whole all at the same time.  I take 7 pills.

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on 8/9/15 4:21 am - TN
VSG on 06/19/13

Each surgeon/practice seems to have their own rules about pills. You may want to give their office a call and ask for guidance directly from them.

on 8/9/15 9:43 am - Victoria , Canada

I'm about 2 weeks out from my surgery and am crushing my pills and taking them with some yogurt so I don't gag on the taste of them. Not sure if I would try whole pills until the surgeon or GP gives the OK.

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