One month post op visit

on 8/14/15 3:29 am - kimper, KY

i went to see the surgeon for a one month check up he said i looked great i dont feel great all the time YET but im still hoping that changes i have lost 24lbs in a month but i dont feel like it ...its came off my rear and legs etc i suppose ....i know my clothes are falling off now :) please keep me in prayers i still have to see the blood specialist this monday ...the Dr was very nice said he didnt think it was anything to be worried over...i dont go back for 6 months if im doing well


HW 381/ pre op 345 /SW 312 Vsg 7/13/15 /CW 288

M1-24 lbs





















on 8/14/15 4:25 am

Congrats, you're doing great!! I'm keeping you in my prayers. 


VSG 8/11/15 HW: 272.5 PreOp: -17.5 M1: -20.8 M2: -15.0 TWL: -55.1 CW: 217.4

1st Goal: 225 9/27/15 2nd Goal: 200 3rd Goal: 170

on 8/14/15 7:09 am

Great job!

In terms of the blood specialist appointment try to relax. If they said it was nothing to worry over it probably isn't. When it is the cancer you feared...they call you right in or tell you over the phone. They don't usually wait around,

So enjoy your weekend!


on 8/14/15 7:58 am
VSG on 11/06/14

24 Lbs. is fantastic! Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to heal. Your body just went through a traumatic experience. You are doing great and all of the issues will be behind you in the near future. I will continue to pray for you. Keep us posted!   


on 8/14/15 4:20 pm - Carl Junction, MO
VSG on 07/06/15


I'm so glad your 1 month check up went well!! I have you in my daily prayers!! It's been so great getting to know you!  I love having a friend to talk to about all these things we are going through and right about the same time frame.  Keep me posted about Monday's appointment, I will be thinking of you!!! Have the best weekend you possibly can and try not to worry too much.  (I know, easier said than done)