on 8/20/15 9:33 am
VSG on 09/02/15

I'm scheduled for VSG on Sept 2nd! I'm super excited! Today I got a call saying my ultrasound came back that I do in fact have gallstones and they are recommending I have a gallbladder removal at the same time. I've only had a couple of bad gallbladder attacks in the last four months. Definitely leaning towards having it out.  From what I've read most people end up having gallbladder issues after VSG, or they get worse. Just looking for some feedback! Thanks!


Age 37 starting weight 301lbs, 5'6. VSG and Gallbladder removal September 2nd 2015

on 8/20/15 10:14 am
VSG on 07/24/14

On my one year surgiversary, I had my second gallstone attack which prompted its removal a few weeks later. Get it out now! There's no treatment for gallstones other than removing it, and weight loss is only going to make things worse. If you're having symptoms, it has to go anyway.


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on 8/20/15 10:53 am
VSG on 04/30/14

I had to have mine out a year after surgery and would've done both together if I'd known how bad the attacks would get. Way worse than surgery recovery pain. I had no gb attacks before surgery.  My GB recovery was easier than vsg if I had to rank them so I'd say if you can do it together, then do. Just make sure you give yourself sufficient recovery time from the surgeries so you can heal well right off the bat.

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on 8/20/15 12:55 pm

If you're having gall bladder problems now, they'll only get worse after surgery, since your body will be nourishing itself mostly on its own fat reserves. Hard on the gall bladder and the liver. I never had gall bladder trouble, but still wi**** had been taken out. The percentage of WLS patients developing trouble after surgery is pretty high.





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on 8/20/15 2:36 pm
VSG on 09/02/15

Thanks for the replies! Just confirmed my thoughts and what I've read. I confirmed with my surgeon's office that I do want it out with my VSG. Thanks again.


Age 37 starting weight 301lbs, 5'6. VSG and Gallbladder removal September 2nd 2015

on 8/21/15 9:08 am
VSG on 11/03/14

Have it out. Mine was stone free when I had my VSG, 9 months later I had a bad attack which caused pancreatitis. In the hospital for two days (after an ER visit). Gallbladder was taken out a week later.

on 8/21/15 10:00 am
VSG on 09/02/15

Yikes, sorry you went through that. The more I'm thinking about it, I feel lucky I have the option. Thanks for replying!


Age 37 starting weight 301lbs, 5'6. VSG and Gallbladder removal September 2nd 2015

Valerie G.
on 8/21/15 10:12 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Yes, it's only going to get worse from here, with or without VSG -- out it goes!

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