lactose free milk still made me sick hmmmm

on 8/21/15 5:12 am - kimper, KY

I bought lactose free milk and used injury in it still made me feel awful after I drank it did the milk fail me?? Or is the protein powder ? I really need extra protein through my shakes im at a loss here :(


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on 8/21/15 5:41 am - TN
VSG on 06/19/13

Maybe try almond milk or cashew milk with your protein shakes? Then if you still feel sick, you can know that it is likely the protein powder rather than what you are mixing it with.

on 8/21/15 7:45 am
VSG on 04/29/15

hey im going through the same thing just finished a shake like 5mins ago and the same thing happened I have tried every milk out there in gonna say its the protein powder for me. Sn: Powdered low fat milk is not as bad for me.

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 8/21/15 8:26 am
RNY on 08/05/19

If you eat combinations of things, you can't figure out what's making you sick. Try JUST milk, no protein, and see how you handle that. 

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on 8/21/15 9:04 am - TX

Do what Julie said.  Try an elimination diet.  Milk only, and see how you react.  Protein powder mixed with water, almond milk, soy milk, or anything else other than creature milk, and see what happens.  You may be able to handle a small amount of lactose, or you may be totally intolerant at the moment.  There are non-whey based protein powders that you can try.

Some people get lactose-intolerant and stay that way.  For others, it gradually goes away after months/years. 

on 8/21/15 10:59 am - Nashville, TN
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try egg white protein powder




on 8/21/15 12:29 pm - Grand Rapids , MI
VSG on 08/12/15

I make my shakes with water and ice

Elia Maria Saenz

Gwen M.
on 8/21/15 3:35 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

Try drinking the milk plain to see what happens. 

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on 8/22/15 2:14 am - Carl Junction, MO
VSG on 07/06/15

Hey Gwen, I'm right there with you! Let me know if you try something that works and I will do the same for you!



H.A.L.A B.
on 8/23/15 8:25 am

I developed allergies to dairy (i.e whey proteins, cheese) and it took a while to discover that 

See if yogurt makes you sick also. 

Sometimes the additive - flavors, sweeteners - are the issues... 

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