One week Post op!

on 9/10/15 1:29 pm
VSG on 09/02/15

Hi all, I am one week post op today. Surgery went really well. I woke up right away from recovery and I have not been nauseous once, and my pain has been very tolerable. I did use the pain pump the first day, but didn't need it after that. They kept me in the hospital for two nights, which is just what they do in my plan. The swallow test and my butt being sore from the uncomfortable bed was the worst part. Haha! I am still very sore, weak, and run down feeling but I'm sure that will pass. I remember reading so many posts about it being hard to get your liquids in, and me just not comprehending that. It really is a full time job. I've been getting in 50-60oz in with hardly any protein. I know that will get better. Overall the experience so far, was way better then I was thinking it would be. I feel very blessed. Thanks all of you that wished me luck!


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on 9/10/15 2:19 pm

Awesome!!  I hope my experience is as smooth as yours!!

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on 9/10/15 8:59 pm

Glad to hear you came through with flying colors! Your emphasizing the water and knowing that the protein will soon catch up is very gratifying to a lot of posters, I'm sure, whose advice you obviously listened to very carefully. I hope your recovery continues as smoothly as it started. Keep us updated!



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on 9/11/15 4:39 am

I'm so glad to hear everything went well and that you are feeling blessed.  Its a journey, but its doable, and the rewards are so worth it!

Best of luck



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Tracy D.
on 9/11/15 9:01 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

Welcome to the loser's bench, Lissa! 

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on 9/11/15 3:10 pm

Im right with you at one week post op. So happy to finally be on this side. Good luck.

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