had surgery this past monday

on 10/3/15 12:36 pm

I had surgery this past monday. I just got out of the hospital today.

Had more than usual swelling, was unable to tolerate liquids.

I am exhausted. I hate the protein shakes. The ones you make, are ust as bad as the already made ones.

This is going to be tough. I am feeling overwhelmed; how am I going to drink these things.



on 10/3/15 1:10 pm
VSG on 09/02/15

I am about a month out and still have trouble with protein shakes that I make myself. I am loving the premier protein shakes finally however. I will tell you it gets easier.. my life saver was unflavored protein powder and I'd mix it in broth. You can't get it too hot however just warm or it will clump. I'd even mix it in flavored drinks. Good Luck to you! Welcome to the losers bench!


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on 10/3/15 4:32 pm

I drink the journey bariatric double chocolate I like them so much I want that for breakfast instead of the egg or oatmeal. You will do fine just takes a few tries to find the one you like. You can order injury on line in sample packets...I like their chicken broth but not the strawberry shake or chocolate...but...my daughter likes the chocolate. It's trial n error. Im3 weeks out n on lean deli meats n stuff n I still like my shakes. I have trouble getting 64 oz of liquid but can get 50 oz now. Hang in there after the soreness is gone n you get to add a bit it gets easier. Take care n one day at a time...?

on 10/4/15 9:41 am

You're right, LisaKelley. It's going to be tough. It's going to be tough for at least 4 more weeks until your stomach heals enough to let you enjoy life -- and normal foods -- again. Not everyone can sail through major surgery and be back at work in a week. I sure couldn't. This is the time when you need to drink as much liquid as you can, including those awful shakes. Just be tough and do it. If you're too queasy to drink, get Zofran from your surgeon to settle your stomach. You don't want to have to go back to the hospital because of dehydration. Believe me, I know this from experience.

I hated the protein shakes too. Even now, 8 months post-op, I shudder when I think of the taste. But as you force down yet another one of those **** shakes, think of this: If your experience is anything like mine, those shakes will have the effect on you of disliking ALL sweets for the foreseeable future. Except for chai, which I have only once in a while, sweets just don't register on my Yum! radar anymore. And for that, you disgusting protein shakes, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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