You cannot go to Vegas!!

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And not go to Los Angeles to see your sleeve sistah, MsShell!!! Wi**** were longer!!! One thing about this site Obesity Help! I have met some really amazing friends over the years. Even better getting to meet them in real time flesh!  Xxx



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VSG on 10/15/12

Hey you!  That's awesome!  VEGAS BABY!!



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Hey, hey! Glad you had a fun time with Ms.Shell! Hope you had a fun time in Viva Las Vegas! 

on 11/19/15 8:20 am

Just showed your photo to my husband. Reaction: "Whoa! Nice looking babes!"



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Tracy D.
on 11/19/15 11:30 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

That's awesome!  Thanks for posting the pic - good to see the gorgeous Ms. Shell again :-) 

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Looking good !!!!!!!!


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