To Straw or Not to Straw...That is the Question!

on 12/14/15 9:01 am

I am REALLY trying to up my water intake.  I know from prior surgery days that I drink more when using a straw but have been told we shouldn't use straws.

Do you use a straw?  Why, why not?

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on 12/14/15 9:07 am

My understanding is that it has to do with swallowing air. My doc said it was up to me. I found drinking out of a straw uncomfortable until about a year post op. I would probably give it a try if I was you.

on 12/14/15 9:29 am
VSG on 10/14/15

my doctor and nutritionist say it's fine to drink from a straw as long as it's comfortable. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information. The success workshop I was required to attend told us it caused stomach stretching. I finally decided to go ahead when the Dr said it was fine,  I found it really helps me a great deal. 

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on 12/14/15 9:32 am

Our stats are VERY similar! 

Age: 42 | Height: 5'9 | Surgery Date: 10/08/15 | Starting Weight: 279.2 | Surgery Weight: 266 | Goal Weight:165 | Current Weight: 224.8 | WL so far: 54.4 lbs

on 12/14/15 10:03 am - Gardner, KS
VSG on 10/15/15

i love straws. i asked my dr before surgery if i was able to use a  traw and he told me as long as its comfortable it may cause uncofortableness. but i  was using one 2 days out of surgery. i can definitely drink more when using a straw i find


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on 12/14/15 10:36 am

It's about swallowing air, which for new post ops can be painful as all get out! As early out as you are, I'd advise against it, but as my surgeon said, "Go ahead and give it a try. If it hurts like hell and you end up on the floor, you'll know not to do it again." Needless to say, with that advice, I stayed clear of straws for quite some time. 


on 12/14/15 11:30 am
VSG on 08/04/15

I started using a straw about 4 weeks out of surgery.  I've not had any problems with straws at all.  You'll know if it works for you.

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on 12/14/15 7:54 pm

I had surgery 10/26/15.. I also had difficulty getting fluids in with out a straw. I started using it and no issues. My surgeon told me the following: "It really is person specific. If you try it and have no issues, then continue. If it causes gas or discomfort, then stop." 

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on 12/14/15 10:58 pm - Greenwood, IN
VSG on 09/23/15

I love the OH message boards. It seems every time I'm wrestling with something, I log on here and see that someone else is already asking about it.

I've been going back and forth with myself about whether to try a straw or not for days now. I, too, drink more when I use a straw. After reading the comments here, I think I'll give it a shot.

Good luck to the rest of y'all about to try it.

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on 12/15/15 6:35 am - Woburn, MA

I have always used a straw - no problems with it.

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