One week to surgery. A bit nervous.

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i am surprised that I am nervous.  I'm usually a bit intrepid.  But I have never had surgery before, never been hospitalized, never had kids.   And it all seems pretty scary (especially as I just read the patient documents that talk about all the risks! ). So I came to the VSG forum to read about all the benefits that make it worth the scary stuff!  My pre-op checkin is Wednesday and my surgery is next Monday.  I'm hoping I can turn this energy into excitement!  Maybe after the pre-op??  Thanks to everyone who comes back to the forum and posts your long-time happy outcomes!  It really helps! Wild Woman.

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It's ok to be nervous. You should be. It's scary stuff. That being said, I wish I had worried less. Now 4 major surgeries in 4.5 yrs later - I hardly have any anxiety about surgery in general - usually just the outcomes that I worry about. - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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Hi.....I had VSG one week ago today!  I think it's completely normal to be nervous.  Remind yourself of why you want the surgery, trust the professionals......remember that they do this every day!  Ask questions....I felt silly asking some, but reminded myself I had never done this before so I had no way of knowing some things!  Before you know it, you'll be a week out, like me : )  Just breathe & think about all the things you'll be able to do in the future.  The scary stuff you are supposed to read & sign:  they have to put every single tiny possibility in those to protect themselves.  Many of those complications are rare.....and there is no reason you would be the person to be affected.  Trust your doctor, trust the professionals.......and let us know how you're doing!  

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I would find it rather odd if you would not be nervous. Your life is about to change for the better forever and it's major surgery.

You will do fine. Ask questions your doctor or nurses will answer and lean on your support group you hopefully have at home. 

You will be fine, I hope to welcome you to the loser's club on Monday!



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Hi! Like the lovely individual above, I also had surgery 1 week ago from Today! What an exciting ride it's been so far.

What I can tell was I nervous. I was actually having chest pain from anxiety the few days leading up (which definitely made the whole thing wore...haha!) I also had never been hospitalized or had surgery.

So to hopefully calm your fears, it went so smoothly. I arrived at the hospital 3 hours early (god knows why) and after waiting an hour, everything happened so quickly. They take you back to meet your like "pre-op" nurse and you are in your own enclosed area with a bed and machines and curtains. She asked me to change into a cute purple gown and purple socks with bear paws on them and then pee for a pregnancy test. After this, the anesthesiologist came over to talk to me about my medical history and such. While that was happening, another nurse was putting an IV into my left hand. He even numbed the area- I didn't feel a thing! Then the anesthesiologist gave my what he called "2 glasses of my favorite wine" in medicine form to calm me down. (It totally worked amazing!) I got a shot in my belly of blood thinners, and then wheeled to the OR by two nurses who would be there during the operation.

In the OR, I remember everyone getting ready and just chatting normally with me. It's honestly hazy at this point, but I think they put an oxygen mask on me, and literally the next thing I recall is waking up with a throat like the desert!! It's all history after that. :) Recovery has been a rollercoaster, but exciting and not so bad! I wish you the best of luck with your surgery next week!

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Thank you, CQ....this really does help!  My pre-op is tomorrow and everybody says "write down your questions."  I don't have questions...just unformed anxiety.  I think it would be inappropriate for my question to be "Will you please be very very careful?"  :-).   Of course they will be careful.  I will take the advice from the lovely person you mentioned and trust the professionals.  My surgeon is recognized as the best, the surgery center is certified, the whole floor is only barbaric, private room. Deep this process!  They know what they are doing and this is the gate I must pass through to get my life back!  Thanks!

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