I had surgery yesterday!!

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I had surgery yesterday about 4 pm. 30 minute procedure and my doc has us stay one night in the hospital to be sure we are hydrated (better chance to not be dehydrated since we didn't drink anything the day before and our tummies may not like anything post-surgery). I got up every hour through the night and walked the wing and then did the 10x respirator thingy each time. I swallowed chipped ice all night. They gave me a Oh Yeah! Shake (it was really good). The main point of my post...no pain, no nausea...and really praying it continues just like this!! So those of you that gave the advice "sip,sip,sip, walk,walk,walk,breath,breath,breath"...THANK YOU! Wild Woman

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Welcome to the losers bench! Keep walking and sipping! Here is to your recovery!

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Wild, I'm so happy for you! I am glad you haven't had pain or nausea, you're super fortunate and blessed with that. You'll do awesome.

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Congratulations!!!  So happy it went well for you!

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Thanks to everyone who posted support.  As an update....I am now 28 hours post op.  I am feeling a bit of pain when anything touches my stomach (even water) so I have started taking the pain Meds. I worked to get as much liquid as possible (and protein) and didn't do too bad.  40 oz of liquid and about 30 grams of protein.   Still sip,sip,sip,walk,walk,walk.  Every time I get up to go to the bathroom...I sip and walk.  That is my plan tonight as well.  I do have one question for anyone who uses a CPAP - I noticed when I used my CPAP last night it felt like it was putting pressure on my sore tummy.  Any advice?  (By the way, I won't go into entail on all my posts but I know as my surgery need it was nice to read about what other people experienced.  Thx!

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Congrats on the beginning of your new life !! Get rest. Sip. Walk. Walk. And follow dr's orders. 


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So glad to hear your recovery has started off well! Can't wait to hear more about the exploits of the "Wild Thang"!



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