BM? (Might be tmi, sorry!)

on 1/30/16 8:01 pm
VSG on 01/25/16 with

My VSG surgery was Monday, it would is now BM.  I don't feel like I have constipation but that seems like a long time.  Thoughts?  Your experience?  (I am on Liquids & watery yogurt and she told me to add 1 tsp fiber one original cereal totally POWDERED each day.)

Trina R.
on 1/30/16 8:27 pm - St Louis, MO
VSG on 01/11/16

My surgery was on 1/11 and I didn't have a BM until the following Tuesday...8 days later. Like you, I thought it seemed like a long time, but I didn't feel constipated either.  I've been fairly regular since that first BM, but I know many people have constipation after surgery. My doctor has had me on a stool softener since I left the hospital. 





Steph Meat Hag
on 1/30/16 8:38 pm - Dallas , TX
VSG on 03/14/16 with

As a nurse pal told me after I was fretting 5days without BM: "nothing in, nothing out". This about how much you ate in one day, minus what it takes to function and there's very little right now to go out. If your tummy/intestines feels boated or bad call doc but I bet your good.

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White Dove
on 1/30/16 8:57 pm

Pain medicine can stop things up.

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on 1/30/16 10:23 pm
VSG on 12/17/15

Nothing is TMI on the forums lol. That's what they are for. I had to take milk of magnesia to get things moving (with the pre approval of the surgeon) and it still took a day or so after that to be able to go. I think it was 8 or 9 days without a BM. It gets better once you're off pain meds and consistently drinking water. 

on 1/30/16 11:23 pm

I had the same problem after surgery, the doc told me to take milk of magnesia and then stay close to a bathroom. Less than an hour after taking it, problem solved, and then like 2-3 more times over the next few hours after that all off of just the one dose. I think every meal I had ever ate in my life came out. TMI I know, but trust me, it works. Only had to take it once. Good luck.

on 1/31/16 7:44 am

Two prunes daily, if you can tolerate the carbs.



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on 1/31/16 11:00 am
VSG on 01/25/16 with

Thanks everyone!  Problem solved.  My husband went to buy miralax (nut recommendation) and I had a BM before he got back from the store.  Whew!  I do feel better!   For anyone researching this topic later:  lots of water and the bit of powdered fiber one original cereal in my yogurt may have done the trick. 

on 1/31/16 11:27 am

Good news!  Just my two cents worth...I used the Miralex twice a wee****il I stopped using the protein shakes.  After which I do 2 prunes daily and have no constipation problems.

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