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on 2/3/16 11:52 am - NC
VSG on 03/11/15

Hey fellow VSGrs.. I have not disappeared into the woodwork permanently for sure..  I have had a very stressful winter but things are finally looking up.  Had car problems, finally got it out of the shop last Friday.  Yay.. Mobile again.  Grandson moved down and is now in my single wide mobile home along with oldest daughter and granddaughter.  Crowded?  I'd say so.  But no worries.  I am leaving for another California trip next Tuesday for undetermined stay with youngest daughter son-in-law and grandson.. Yay.  Grandson is 18 months old and is having surgery on Wednesday (prayers please).  Daughter and family moving to Okinawa in August.  Bummer.  But... I am getting my passport ready.  

On a different note, I know every one has excuses and I am no exception.  I have gained 2 lbs.  :(  but I think I have the maintenance down pretty good.., Only thing, I don't think I am ready for the maintenance, still want to lose about 15 or so more lbs.  It is really difficult to get back on track.  I found out that pork skins have 0 carbs.  How about that... Guess that means you can eat a whole bag, right??  NOT !!!!  No I didn't eat a whole bag at once.  took a couple of days.  Snacking has snuck in.  The other part of my household believes in cookies and cakes and all that sweet stuff (not too much of a problem with sweets for me, just the salty crunchy stuff).  At least California will be so pro-active.  Daughter was a trainer a few years back and very very conscientious about toning and the gym.  Can't wait to get back under her tuteledge (sp?).  

Even though I have been super slack on posting, I have kept with the reading on here.  I promise to get better at posting.  Anyone is more than welcome to kick me in the butt.. I need it for sure.  I know, pick myself up and get back in the groove.  

Best to all of you.. Belated Happy New Year, gonna be a great one.  Oh.. And VSG is the best thing I have done for myself in many years.  Even if you are up there in the years such as myself (just turned 66) and you are contemplating bariatric surgery, go for it.  I wish I had done it many years ago while my skin had more elasticity but it is still a fantastic trade off--filled out wrinkles (filled with fat that is) to having the wrinkles and less weight.,  My joints sure do thank me.  




on 2/3/16 1:15 pm

Hi Pam,

Sounds like you have a lot of folks in your life to love! Glad to read that overall you are dong well!

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on 2/3/16 1:47 pm

If I had to live in a place where other people kept their sweet and salty snacks in plain sight, I'd be doomed. I must have a snack-free environment in order to do well. That you have snacks all around you but have kept your weight steady (I don't count 2 pounds) is nothing short of amazing to me. 

Thinking of your little grandson. Let us know how he's doing.



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on 2/3/16 6:20 pm

Hi Pam!

Sounds like you are doing well despite a very stressful winter! Two pounds could be from a lot of things, but bottom line is that you are on it! You have been so consistently committed to your journey, and I think we need to expect a few bumps in the road. It's acting on them that makes the difference!

It is hard living with people who don't need or want to adhere to a meal plan. My family loves to bake and eat. The smells alone drive me crazy, but I need to think like a recovering alcoholic. I just need to focus on me and my plan...not their choices or lifestyle. They don't have MY problem.

Prayers for your grandson. Enjoy California!