The ticker at the bottom your posts (& the info section) ...where ?

on 2/3/16 4:30 pm
VSG on 01/25/16 with

hi all- I have searched and can't find it.  Where did you all find the banner/ticker that records your start/ goal.....and then some of you have info on there as well.  I'd like to start that sometime. Can you help?  Thanks!

on 2/3/16 8:05 pm - NC
VSG on 02/24/15 with

I'm on my tablet so your page may be set up a little differently. To get to the weight ticker there is a graph icon near the top right of the page. Click on it. You can manage your ticker and add new ones. Also near the top right click on what looks like 3 lines for the information  section. Click on what looks like a circle.  Then settings. Then message board. You can type whatever  info you would like there. Hope that helps some.

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on 2/4/16 9:36 am
VSG on 01/25/16 with

Thank you, Keishalee, for taking the time to answer.  I was avoiding the weigh in section LOL!  Or I would have seen it.  Thx! 

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