So excited. Just have to share!

on 3/2/16 5:03 pm - CT
VSG on 04/01/14 with

i havent been on here in quite some time. Ive been doing well. I just got approve for the whole abdominal plasty!  Upper and liver stoma*****luding the belly button and the abdominal muscles. So excited!



on 3/2/16 7:26 pm

Good for you. I had plastic surgery in 2014 & don't regret it for even one second. 

Good luck! 

Keep us posted on your progress. 

on 3/3/16 4:44 am

Good for you!!! I can't wait until I can schedule my plastics. I am so ready for all this skin to be gone.



on 3/3/16 10:45 am
VSG on 05/01/13 with

That's AWESOME!!!

Im 4 months post op..

and even thou I just got rid of my swelling (which can take awhile)

Im enjoying every second of it...though, it's WEIRD never,  ever had a flat stomach!

good luck!


on 3/3/16 5:56 pm - CT
VSG on 04/01/14 with

How was the pain?  Im pretty good with pain but Ive heard the abdominal is the worse. How long were you out of work?  I was told 2 weeks. Any tips/advice?  Dis you have jp drains?  How ling did you have them for if you did.  



on 3/4/16 4:44 am, edited 3/3/16 8:49 pm
VSG on 05/01/13 with

My arms where A *****!!!

for me, stomach not bad at all..

i was on pain killers for about 4 days 

after that I didn't need them all the time

i took them at nite to help sleep for an additional day or so...

But, at the time I was really like, what did I do!

now, loving it, but it's definatly a process..

i am at home, but once I could get up and down by myself

At 1week, it was a lot better...

i was feeling fairly Ok after all the drains where gone..

but lightheaded and weak...and I was also not completly 

walking upright for over a month ( although, it was very slight..

i could tell and so could my hubby)

also, I had muscle tightening, so I wasn't cleared for anything for 8 weeks... 



i had 5 drains, 3 where removed after a week, the other 2 the following week..

also on blood thinner shots for 5 days... Not a regret after seeing the final result!

he may be too far for you, but I suggest looking on Dr.Joseph Capella's web site

His specialty is dealing with massive weight loss patients...hes BEYOND AWESOME!!!!!


on 3/4/16 11:25 am

Yay!! So excited for you!! I am definitely planning on looking into this in the future! I have also never had a flat tummy ever so I'm sure it will be quite a shock!


Keep us updated!

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