on 3/11/16 11:07 am - NC
VSG on 03/11/15

Well today is my SURGIVERSARY... One year ago today I made one of the best decisions in my life.  I had my VSG.. As I sit here reflecting on this past year, I think of all the things that I have had to give up   Let's see.. I would love just love to have a really great cheeseburger on a soft slightly toasted bun perhaps with bacon and lettuce and tomato and onion and light mayo and light mustard.. Oh boy.  And bread like just toast or a sandwich.. And pasta.. Oh my...  And my type II diabetic oral medication, and blood pressure pill and cholesterol med.. and larger clothes.. and embarassing to ask for belt extender on the airplane and getting winded with just a few steps... What have I gotten in return??? Hmm... Saggy arms.. traded box turtle double chin neck for a turkey neck.. But.... better health perhaps?  YEP... No more extenders..Crossing my legs..Tying my shoes.. Putting the steering wheel all the way down and not touching my belly.. A healthier more upbeat outlook on life in general.. Weighing the tradeoff... Would I do it again or have a different procedure?  Yes I would in a heartbeat but sticking with the VSG for sure.  The skin is expected, after all I am 66 years young and just so much elasticity.. lol.. What would I change?  This past year has had its ups and downs for sure, some not weight related but affects it in the long run on the emotional eating side of things.  I have learned how to put myself into maintenance (too soon), learning how to deal with slight regain before it gets outta hand.. Listen up newbees... It is soooo much harder to lose the regain but do-able.. So keep it in check and go gung ho from the get go.. Don't get complacent.. Don't let those stalls (yes they will happen but will also resolve unless you give up).. Keep that magical glow and happiness felt those first few months when losing.  For us obese, this is a superb time in our lives---one that we thought we would never ever experience.  Don't let that drive get lost.. Don't get discouraged when the weight doesn't move in several weeks..  Do take pictures from the get go and monthly so you will see the change.  I have a hard time seeing alot of difference in the mirror that to me does not look like almost 100# gone but I can look at pictures of when I was at my highest (277 for just a couple of weeks, got a grip and got it down to 269 for several years).  I never saw myself as that big, not until I looked at those pictures and thought to myself, "I will never be there again..I would shoot myself first."  (not really but that is how I felt when I saw the reality of where I was to where I am now.)  We tend to live in a world of denial alot.  Time to get real.  It is surreal going into a clothing store and shopping.. No more 3-4X.. XL fits good, a few L.. When I wash my clothes and hold up a L pair of pants and realize THAT IS ME NOW... WOW..   This past year has sure been a journey.. One that I cherish not only for the weight loss but the outlook on life now, the friends I have made on here.. and the future I now look forward to.  



Dee R.
on 3/11/16 11:14 am - CA

VERY well said!!  And I could not agree more!!!

(deactivated member)
on 3/11/16 6:18 pm

Congratulations on your Surgiversary! Today is a landmark day in your journey, indeed! 

You've kept a great attitude through thick and thin and have faced and overcome some obstacles along the way. 

Wishing you the best success in year 2 of your VSG journey. 

on 3/11/16 6:55 pm - AR

Congratulations on all of your victories this past year!  I hope the best to stay on course through this next year. 

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on 3/12/16 3:58 am - Cobourg, Canada
VSG on 04/12/13

It sounds like you have packed 3 years of experience into 1 year.  Keep on 'truckin.

on 3/12/16 5:32 am
RNY on 08/21/12

That's a good year. I hope this one is just as good.

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on 3/12/16 10:02 am
VSG on 03/03/16

Thank you for your post.  So well written and an excellent read for us newbees.  Congrats on your great success.  

Steph Meat Hag
on 3/12/16 11:42 am - Dallas , TX
VSG on 03/14/16 with

Thanks for your post.  Well said with great emotion.

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on 3/14/16 7:27 am
VSG on 12/04/14

Congratulations and Happy Surgiversary!!!!



Tracy D.
on 3/14/16 10:28 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

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