I get sleeved in 22 days! May 23rd!

on 5/1/16 12:45 pm

I should hear this week that cigna approved it!...knock wood. 


I'm trying hard to get organized... I already told my job I'm off for 2 weeks. I'll work from home a couple days the 3rd week  if I have to...


I already drink pb qwest and unsweetened almond/coconut almond breeze. I'm not sure what else to try?? I have to do liquids for the 1st two weeks, then pureed...


I've been reading this site  for 4 months now, and its a God send! 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated! What to bring to hospital? What gadgets to buy to be prepared? Do people really eat baby food? Or do you make your own?


I'm nervous and oh so excited!!

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VSG on 08/04/15

If you do a search for "what to take to the hospital", "which protein drinks for after surgery" you will find lots of posts about both subjects.  Just find the magnifying glass at the top right for searching.  

Most people find that they want to take lots of things to the hospital, like make-up, magazines and books.  All you will probably need is your phone, maybe your iPad, something loose to wear home from the hospital, chap stick for dry lips, and a pillow to protect your belly on the ride home from the hospital. 

Good luck, you'll be fine.

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VSG on 04/12/16

I was so glad to have my own pajamas at the hospital.  The nurse helped me change into them right away after surgery. I know a lot of people pretty much sleep the whole time due to the pain medications, but I really had a hard time sleeping at the clinic...just lots of noise as I was close to the nurse's station and they were constantly in and out to take vital signs and give medications, so it took me awhile to fall back asleep after every time I was woken up.  I used my phone, iPad and brought a book to read.  I wore comfortable clothes on the day I checked in and put them right back on to wear home. 


Good luck and congratulations!

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I bought a lot of things that I never used, so I'd suggest taking your time to decide what you really need.  

Tastes often change after surgery, and our tummy's can be really fussy after surgery, so I'd suggest not buying a lot of shakes or foods before you know that you'll be able to eat them.

The only device I bought that I used was a kitchen scale.  I got a little three-legged one that folds up and fits in my silverware drawer.  It was recommended by someone on this site.

http://www.amazon.com/Joseph-TriScale-Compact-Folding-Digita l/dp/B0091QO41U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462195139&sr=8-1&key words=joseph%27s+kitchen+scale

I bought a mini-blender that I used once.  I bought a tiny ice-cream maker that I used twice... etc...

Good luck on your weight loss journey.



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Congrats...my date is may 24th. ..yay