Pre OP diet ( How long and consisted of what?)

on 5/9/16 10:27 am

How long was everyone's pre op diet and what did it consist of?


I know all doctors are different but I'm just curious.



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on 5/9/16 11:15 am

For two weeks I had two shakes a day + one small meal with a salad. I was allowed to add things such as cottage cheese or yogurt to the shakes. The last three days including my travel time to Mexico I was on all liquids. The travel day till midnight it was clear liquid.

As you said all Drs are different. I got to Mexico and some people were allowed to eat real food right up to the night before surgery.

Good luck on your journey.

on 5/9/16 11:28 am
VSG on 04/18/16

started as a fifteen days prep, first week high protein diet.  juice, oats and broth soup diet the last week before the surgery.

on 5/9/16 11:48 am

Two weeks of low-carb eating, keeping carbs under 40g per day.  That was it!! :)

on 5/9/16 11:53 am

I had a two week pre-op diet which was all liquids. It consisted of:

  • 1 cup of half-caf or decaf coffee with fat-free milk (no more than 1 cup of milk a day)
  • 4 high-protein low-carb shakes a day
  • Reduced sodium plain chicken broth for dinner
  • A sugar-free popsicle for dessert
  • Water, water, water.

It was so awful. I am envious of people who talk about how they were allowed one meal a day or even a salad a day. The pre-op diet was worse than my post-op diet, but every day of those two weeks were totally worth it!

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on 5/9/16 12:20 pm
VSG on 04/12/16

3-4 Protein shakes per day and a lean cuisine.  Calories could not exceed 870/day.

Kris R.
on 5/9/16 12:38 pm - Walworth, NY

On my first appt. I was weighed.  The only stipulation for me is the scale never went up.  As I lost weight visiting my NUT I was very conscious of that scale - it never did go up and my only "pre-op" diet was no food or drink after midnight.  I did ask about "shrinking the liver" that I had read about - his comment was.. If I can't work around your liver (large or small) then I have no business being in your insides.  

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on 5/9/16 1:17 pm - Gardner, KS
VSG on 10/15/15

mine was 8 weeks( headache city day 3-4. weak feeling day 7). no dairy. low fat dressing. nothing fried. 2 protein shakes per day. the 3 days before surgery it was all clear liquids and a laxative. ( headache city on day 1 for sure)

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 5/9/16 2:24 pm
RNY on 08/05/19

I needed a 3 month supervised diet, which meant I had to "be smart" about food and exercise, and check in with my GP so he could note my weight and progress. Then my GP submitted his notes to the surgeon and insurance company.

No immediate pre-op diet other than "don't eat or drink anything after 8pm the night before surgery."

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on 5/9/16 2:49 pm - CA

One day of clear liquids the day before surgery for the doc; six months roadblock to approval for insurance.

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