May 23rd is creeping up fast... nervous and excited...

on 5/15/16 5:54 am

I'm still not ready. I've been reading millions of blogs and stories for months and months, I still dont quite know what to expect. To make matters worse, I have to return to work June 6th, and June 8th I have an all day meeting- I'll be locked in a room all day with customers. I just dont know how it will be- I know I'll be just over 2 weeks- and sounds like I'll still have gas? Maybe diarrhea ? Ugh- I dont want to think about it- 


Also, I'm expecting TOM any second now, which I'm glad about- except its a day late- I'm trying not to think about that either but I just wanted it to come and go and be quite done by the 23rd... it would be so nice if that worked out...


Anyway- I wanted to ask about almond breeze? I drink it now with qwest PB, its unsweetened/blended w coconut - its 40 cals a serving and its delicious. I plan to still have that everyday- I know I need to get some broth & unflavored protein... when people say theyre eating jello- I'm assuming thats grocery jello right? Or homemade? And SF pudding, dark is my favorite- I can eat that in the next phase? 


Is there a basic list or website? I know about eggfaces- any other suggestions? 


Sorry for babbling- 

on 5/15/16 7:30 am - MA

Tomorrow will be one week since my sleeve.   I'm doing great.   The first week is hard.. and it is true, each day gets better.   the best advice I can give you is just go slow, take very small sips.  I've found that Hot drinks go down much easier.  I've been drinking a lot of tea.  Plain water is very hard to get in, maybe if you add crystal light to it might make it easier.  I was in the hosp 4 days. Only complication I had was I got heart burn on my second day and could not drink anything.  But it was ok, they gave me meds that helped and i'm still taking it.   I'm home now, and again drinking lots of tea, I also do unsweetened almond milk with Unjury chocolate protein powder with chocolate instant bfast together.  Only like 5 ozs at a time.   The only thing that is helping a lot is I've made chicken soup.. I blend the crap out of it in the blender and then I strain it.  it is so good.  I've been having that alot.   I have zero regrets.  I'm already feeling so much better.  You'll be fine.

P goode
on 5/15/16 10:48 am - Arlington, TX
VSG on 05/11/16

This chicken soup.... would you share how you make it?

Thanks, p


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White Dove
on 5/15/16 8:33 am

Do a lot of walking and the gas from surgery should be gone in a few days.  If you do get diarrhea, you can just take Imodium, but constipation and Colace or Miralax is much more common.

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VSG on 04/21/16

I am just over 3 weeks post-op. Everyone's experiences are different. I read a lot before surgery and got VERY anxious beforehand. Once it was over, I couldn't believe it was already over.

That being said... Quick rundown of my experience. The first five days I was on a clear liquid diet only. My minor gas pains disappeared for the most part after about three days. I then transitioned into full liquids without major problems, only minor discomfort on occasions. I will say that I found (and still do) it difficult to get all of my protein and water in. I was supposed to be on a soft food diet for two weeks but I have been eating small portions of semi regular foods a week earlier (haven't tried my luck just yet beyond a little chicken that is well chewed). The two biggest problems for me have been low energy and constipation. That second week...I had no energy to even finish a shower without wanting to sit down. That was just before I started soft foods. Once, I was able to eat soft foods my energy increased. Constipation is still present and painful. As for your fear of diarrhea, I only had two days where I experienced that and it was near the 10 days post op. 

My biggest frustration has been only seeing 10 lbs lost since surgery. I've been going through the stall everyone mentions since April 29 (surgery was on the 21st). 

Best of luck to you!  It will all seem like the worrying was a dream once it is over. 

on 5/15/16 1:19 pm
VSG on 04/12/16


I think you'll be find to go back to work by June 6th.  I went back to work after 2 weeks, and honestly could have gone back sooner - the only issue I still had (and sometimes still have) is feeling fatigued.

My issues with constipation resolved within a week (though everyone's body is different).  Just don't trust a fart!

Did you get to meet with a nutritionist from your surgeon's office?  Everyone's requirements are a little different.  I wasn't able to have sf jello or pudding until 1 week after surgery.  For others they can have it right away. Grocery store jello and pudding is fine.  Eggface has a great idea to make pudding using Premier protein instead of regular milk.  Really good and certainly bulks up the protein content.

Good luck!  I have been fortunate to have a very smooth recovery and wish the same for you!


on 5/16/16 4:30 am

Thank you all!!I called in sick today (well- work from home) I'm trying for a little quiet and mental readiness...


I have crazy butterflies. I cant wait! 


XO- Eileen