6 AM tomorrow morning is the time and day! FREAKING SCARED!

on 5/16/16 11:43 am

So,  for some reason this feels kind of surreal.  Im so scared and keep consuming my mind with all the what Ifs ... I don't know, I'm just very nervous......


Scared I'm going to be fatigued for months and scared that Im gonna have new medical conditions that I never had as a complication of the surgery.

Trying to stay positive but my nerves are taking over at this point.


Any words of wisdom?

Kris R.
on 5/16/16 11:47 am - Walworth, NY

You've got this.. You've prepared, you've done your homework, you're ready and everyone here on this board is behind you 110%.  See you on the looser side :)

You can't take care of them, if you don't take care of you!!
Band 10/2006, removal 10/2010, VSG 02/08/2016

on 5/16/16 3:18 pm

Instead of the what it's, think of all the good that will happen. And think about that over and over. I had mine done last Thursday and really have to say that the only thing that kept my sanity was thinking and talking about the benefits with my mom and husband who went to the hospital with me. Having them there to make me laugh and keep my mind occupied with stupid, irrelevant jokes was pretty helpful. You know you got this, its just a matter of keeping calm :)!

Darcy G.
on 5/16/16 6:03 pm
VSG on 04/07/16

I liked Before & After photos to distract me, and watching VSG Video-journals on YouTube. Watching people shrink from video to video was great. It was even good for me to hear about their trials and how they were dealing with them/overcame them.

Surgery is always scary, but most of my fear went the night before. The morning of, I was pretty calm. That didn't stop me from telling them I would like something for my nerves while I was being prepped. They gave me a happy shot in the IV and after that, it was all coasting. Don't be too proud to ask for it! I think most people do. :)

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on 5/16/16 6:15 pm
VSG on 04/28/16

I know how your feeling,Had my surgery 18day's ago I cried all the way to the hospital  All is good was not bad at all ....You will be fine praying for you

on 5/16/16 6:16 pm

Good luck!  You will be fine.  Deep breaths.  We will be here when your done and have questions!

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Goals:  1)Get under 300 - done!  Yeah!  2) Get under 280 (Yeah met this on 8/10/16) 3)Get under 268 (stay tuned!)

P goode
on 5/16/16 7:25 pm - Arlington, TX
VSG on 05/11/16

It's interesting that every single one of us says the same thing before the procedure. Today I am feeling more energetic and starting to get into a new routine and I was thinking back to the frame of mind I was in a week ago- and I came through it like we all did! You will too. Just keep the goal in mind- it took you a long time to come to this decision. It's the best chance for long-term health. You will rock this! 


Done! Your Ticker:

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on 5/16/16 9:36 pm

I said the same! Not sure if you can go to check my past posts.. It was the same as you are feeling. I am so happy I did it. This is a lifestyle change. I was ready for the change. You can do this. Keep us updated.

Age:31| Height 5', 5"| VSG on 10/26/15 | Starting Weight: 277 | Current Weight: 153| WL so far: 124 lb | Goal Weight: 155

on 5/20/16 12:16 pm

Hola Freaking,

You've had your surgery by now. How are you? I will be having mine in August. I'm not scare of the surgery part at all and I try and stay positive about the cons afterwards that I've heard and read about. This surgery will change my life so positive is my mantra. Good luck. Let us know how you are.

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